Switch between Full Screen and Windowed on Death


As per the title I have a weird issue that I also expierenced towards the end of beta where when I die my client pulsates between full screen and windowed mode.

Depending on when I click the button to respawn I could get stuck in windowed mode and have to change it again in settings.

Has anyone else ever seen this?


I have not.


Okay my fault for not framing the question properly.

It only happens with boundless and no other game, so is a bug with the game. I have updated my drivers, tried an uninstall/reinstall. Only started happening towards the end of Beta (cant remember which patch)

Does anyone have a solution to this? and helpful answers only please.



If you see it again submit a game log (Main Menu->Support->Submit Game Log).
Anything unusual about your setup eg any overlay enabled, using Steam beta or multi monitor set up?