Switch port?

Anyone else think-with the new singly player update-That this might be a great time to consider a Switch port? I can do so much when traveling and doing my thing especially when i horde up before a long road trip and just demolish those inventories with building and chiseling in that timeframe! I see vast potential for a new player base to unfold!


I believe they said the ‘single player’ requires your computer to run a server and that PS4 won’t be able to handle it, so I wouldn’t bet that they would be able to fit that into a profile for the Switch either =/

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The game is physically not able to run the Switch as it currently stands. The PS4 has significant problems with it and the Switch has a fraction of the processing power.

This game on the Switch would be amazing, but that would mean either Wonderstruck would need to serious optimize the game/dumb it down or Nintendo would need to release a new generation of Switch.

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Or a cloud version of boundless but then again you would be limited by the quality of your connection lol

I think Boundless runs on Nvdia’s GeForce cloud gaming thingy if you ever wanted to try that.

Update: Had a check and we do


then i guess we wait for the Switch Pro then

it does and i use that too sometimes, works perfect


I wish I could hope for a serious switch pro, but knowing nintendo the upgrades will be barely the minimum to call it an improvement lol.

Dont be too certain of that, remember the 3DS had less processing power than the SNES and could not run them at all(i hacked a 2ds to run it and it was slow and horrid, as a proof of concept), but the N3DS architecture made it more than capable. They wont skimp on the boost in stats, I can be certain of that.

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Like I really think there is enough technology for something that is kind of weak in portable mode but using a thunderbolt port they could put inside the dock a better graphics card to give it a boost when docked.

That would be amazing! But let’s see what does Nintendo comes up with.

i can see that being possible, we just need to keep our hopes up, I love 3d voxel sandbox games and I AM NOT PLAYING MINECRAFT!!! I play Boundless because I despise Minecraft and want nothing to do with it!


There has already been a new generation of Switch devices with a hardware upgrade. It was minimal on the performance side and mostly a battery upgrade and a fix for the major hardware vulnerability in the first generation.

Yup works like a charm! It’s what I used last year while I was in hospital!

Only negative: during lunch I couldn’t play due to more people being on the network then… But the rest of the time it was awesome!


This also works on chrome so anyone with a lower powered pc can play boundless via the browser.

You can also technically play boundless on a firetv

*so long as you have high speed internet