Switching "title" across accounts

Hello, I was just wondering devs, or forum leaders, if I could get the title I have on one account switched to this one. By that I mean titles like “explorer” or “supernova”… Etc. I joined the forums here before I got the game (back when this was Oort Online) and used an email account that is not the same as my Steam account. I then got the game, and earned the title of explorer (I’m able to make iron fists). However I kept using this account and not the one with explorer title, because of the pretty badges and accolades I obtained (haha)

I am wondering if it is possible to delete my other account on these forums that has “explorer” and to put that title on this one, or even better, merge the two accounts? If there is anyway you would like me to prove I own both accounts, I would be more than happy to do so :slight_smile:
My other account is @Tychris21

*Also if there’s anything I can do to fix this without dev intervention, please let me know :slight_smile:


FYI @james

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I think it might be possible to merge the 2 accounts - which could be the better option here.

We don’t want to delete the other account because it is a single sign on with the game.

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I see, that would be great if possible! If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know. Thank you

Hi again, I’m not wanting to be pushy at all, for I know all of you at WonderStruck are quite busy, I was just wondering if this could happen soon :slight_smile:

Actually nevermind that for now, y’all are probably way busier than before! Keep up the good work devs :slight_smile:

It does appear to be possible to merge your 2 accounts - I just need to persuade our admin to actually do it!! As it needs to be done on the server itself and not through the site admin interface.


Oh that is great to hear!! I will keep my fingers crossed then? Haha

I’ve added it into my to-do list for next week so will chase the right people for you then :grin:

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That also is great to hear, thank you very much all of you! I am a patient person, no need to rush it :slight_smile: