T1 sov

Ive been thinking of making a t1 planet so just curious what the Benefits of having one

Ps sorry if its a dumb question


It’s not a dumb question at all.

It’s exciting to get a fresh, new planet & be the 1st one on it.
You get to name the planet.
You get to select all of the colors.
You can freely gather resources & build anywhere you’d like to.
You can set the permissions to no access - only you can access the planet (& anyone with perms).
You can set it to allow players to visit your planet, but not harvest any resources or build.
You can set it to allow players to visit your planet, harvest resources, & build.


I love having my own planets. And it’s so much fun to see how the different biomes look and merge together.
The best part is you can choose the biomes for the different resources you need. Depending on the tier of the planet.


I think a benefit of a T1 sovereign would also be that the enemies are not aggressive, so you can build in peace!


You can make big, open, flat areas to build on and that’s worth the price of admission alone in my books. You can also set it up with gleam ■■■■■ and forests and other biomes for farming.

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Thank you for the comments you can close this post thx

Love the being able to use Low tier tools for harvesting basic resources as well.

In case you want to just try it out, I have a code for small sovereign. You’re welcome to use it. Let me know.

I will add on that the ability to set farms like Ash, Peat soil perfect to earn some footfall coins :blush:


You can actually make it look like you can build there something.

Theres more flat land and stuff if you want.

No hostile creatures so you can build In peace :blush:.

If you make it. Do all forest biomes.
I did one and it turned tout Superb :ok_hand: