T4 exo viewable from Till

Just announcement since @Gorillastomp hasn’t got the creation thread up yet.

Lots blues and warm fuschia gleam.
And various shades of fuschia rocks
Name is cilpara I


Beautiful world! Nice greens,blue, purple


Ah, the colors of the rocks and gleam, nice… love pink shades, will definitely be doing some rock collecting! :slight_smile:


I went to visit it and took some photos also. It is very nice planet, really like the purple shades and the silk cherry rock is really nice and I really liked the refined stone and the brick that was there also.

loved the snow at night, it looked like a blanket keeping everything warm and fresh snow looks so clean, I may not like the cold but do enjoy looking out my window at the snow.
The sky was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it.


Great shots, Janna! :slight_smile: Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorites so far, great colors and landscape, and of course those rocks… well, you know how I am with pink stuff… :joy: