T5, t6 death all the time

Hey fellow players, when I go to a high tier planet I cannot defeat a mighty or stronger than strong mob. I instantly die. And mining is a long tedious process. What tools do you use that works for you. To hunt strong creatures. I have full armor points, and atmosphere points. Trying to clear atlases is such a pain when I die every 4 minutes. Not kidding.

for mapping u need running speed so agility maxed. u will run fast :slight_smile: for mobs u need gem slingbow with approppriate element that counters specific planet mobs element for example on alnitans u need ruby slingbow, etc. and if u dont want to die very fast u need maxed vitality to have loads of hp + kinetic armor.

What tools are you using?
What weapons?

You’ve got full armour, but do you have resistance as well?

How about some points in health/damage etc?

Also health epic etc.

What level are you?

To effectively navigate and mine or farm the high tier planets, I have to use different skill sets, as my miner skill set would not last 2 minutes running round trying to map!

My miner has no health/armor/hunter skills. Just anything that will increase mining speed/damage. Also if you take the shadow step skill that makes mobs less likely to attack you. Add on max control and you can almost stand right beneath them and they wont notice you.

For mining gem hammers will be best. Forged 3x3 1 shot hammers specifically which i make myself. You can also buy them for 10k coin or less these days i believe

I have a seperate character i use for hunting because you need so many skill points to effectively hunt on high level planets. You could also have a second skill set for that but that’s if you’re already level 50

What level are you?

I am spec’ed for stealth, but it really only works well running around T3 planets, they still seem to aggro pretty easily on 5s. But even without any real protections, I can mine them easily, I spend most of my time mining 5s actually - here is my strategy:

I bury myself immediately. Quickly dig a hole and cover myself. Travel underground - can use stone chisels if you want to go cheap, but I just use New Leyden’s cheap 3X3 hammers now, the titanium is a great deal and I actually prefer them to gem ones now. It is slower than walking but you progress quicker than you might think. The hardest part is the first time from a portal somewhere. After that, what you do is start saving locations that are good mining spots to your list, then spend the 100c to warp to them once you get to the planet. Places - Location - Current Location - Add to Locations List. So for Serp, for example, I probably have ten spots saved, most for diamonds but a few for rubies. I put them in central spots in the hotspots so I can pick a different direction to travel in if I come back soon.

I would actually advise newer players to get straight to lv 5s ASAP and do this, it results in a ton of resources and stuff to sell.

I have 3 skill set pages 2 of which are maxed 50. One is Hunter, 2nd is crafter, working on miner for my 3rd. I use the Hunter on surface of t5 and t6 planets.

I have 8 in power, 8 in control,7 in dexterity, 8 in agility, 8 in luck,1 in attribute bonus. 5 slingbow mastery. 5 hammer mastery. Slingbow epic, 4 in kinetic armor, 4 kinetic resistance, 4 impulse armor, 4 impulse resistance, portal epic, energy regen epic, 4 out of 5 in atmosphere protection all types. 2 warp distance. Protection epic, where should I swap points aroynd.

Thank you, I haven’t been using gem tools. Been using titanium ones with augments.

Yea switching to gem bows and using the right type of bow based on planet will help a lot. Augments are also fairly easy to craft and can boost dmg of your slingbow. To help with survivability you can also try some shielding foods so you take less damage

How do you know albicans you use ruby. I’m confused, I thought ruby protects volatile, blast, burn coal. Can you tell me gems for caustic, potent, volatile to defeat mobs. Thankyou.

Boundless would just be a lot better if it had craftable 5 piece armor.
But since that is not the case right now you can kill any mob with a maxed damage max health and any 1 of the three epics that keep you alive. character and max power fist and a speed brew. Shield pie works rather well also.

My mining and farming alts all carry a mid-shelf Golden Fist for protection (+dmg, +range). I can two or three hit the mighty mobs and face off against a single elite. My Hunter has max vitality, with epic, max power with dmg epic, max slingbow and fist dmg, and carries top shelf fists (one-shot mighty creatures) and a shotty slingbow offhand to get up on the elite wildstocks and three shot em or thin out groups, also carry health bombs. On t6 solo hunts (me going all Texas Ranger by myself) I like to run criticaling pie, mega strength brew, and reviver brew. With that I can beat tier 3 meteors by myself 4 out of 5 times. I get ~30,000 dmg out of each hit with the fist and 40,000 up close with the shotty. Add in the focus epics and I get 52,000dmg per hit with the fist and 70,000dmg with the shotty. You need speed to always stay moving and ‘kite’ the mobs around and dodge attacks.

I don’t run any armor on him, better to spend the points on vitality, dmg, and speed

Wow thanks for the info I will try that