T6 Forged Tools

Going to be stocking mass quantities of T6 tools, that with a mega-fast brew, will reach max speed cap.

Price, 6k!

We will continue to offer these at this price, so that everyone can have access to nice tools, at a low price!

We will continue to offer the higher end tools as well, but will try and focus on more offerings for beginner players ( or money savers ;p ) moving forward!

Love you all so much!
Be you, be awesome, be BOUNDLESS! <3


Here’s a quick video of how I forge these. Video is not sped up, I swear! I made a forging edit, that I’d happily share with anyone on PC that would like it!

I also, am going to be releasing some YouTube tutorial videos soon!

Love you all! <333


Hi :slight_smile: i like it. How Do i get there from tnt please ? Thx for doing this.


Just take the big GTG portal from the middle of the TNT Megahub and take the ramp down :wink:


Two Words Regen bombs Muhahahaha xD


In case it isn’t clear to everyone:
If you use a mega fast brew, there is literally zero difference between the T6 hammers priced at 6k and the ones priced at 10k a pop.
I highly encourage people to pick these up if they arent already gone :wink:

This is fantastic for the enocomy and community as a hole Nick, it really is.
On top of that, you even show people how you make them!

Thank you.


I appreciate the kind words, thank you!

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