T6 Hunting Planet you Like? Poll

Like the title says What Kind of T6 you Like Most ?
Multiple choices possible.

  • Shock
  • Frost
  • Corrosive
  • Toxic
  • Burn
  • Explosive
  • Metal
  • Coal

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Poll IS only 3 days
Greetings Turrican2006

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No real favorite here. If there’s a possibility for no lava on surface and not so high mountains, I guess that’s best.

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No lava on surface means METAL and BURN are out.
I also dislike lava lakes which means all other are fine.

I love Burn planet Hunting provided the planet is rolled right for hunting on. Denesit was a good example of that. Beginning was a bit of lava to be careful with but 95% of the rest of the hunt was a breeze.

I do also like Shock & Corrosive. There aren’t too many planets with these 2 along with burn. I do enjoy these hunts.

Chill is nice and easy to hunt on but there’s a lot hunts with this. It’s not a bad thing 100% understand why people choose it to hunt on.

Toxin can be tough but bows are easy to forge and with good boons you melt through them. You are welcome to use mine anytime :blush:

Whatever planet you decide I’ll be there. If you need a guinea-pig to test it out let me know :grin:

Yes denesit was an easy burn Planet .

@May-L04 Sure all hunt planets should be AS flat AS possible to move quick and get most possible loot and oort .

@Lorgar even If burn or Metal i ll think there would be perhaps 1 percent Lava on the Main ground how i would concept auch a Planet so No worries about that.

Seems thats corrosive and Frost are the Most Loved yet.
Exited If IT turns or will stay in that Order Like IT IS right now.

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