T6 Sovereign meteor hunting world..?

Has this been done yet? A world that is perhaps basically flat without gorges, rivers or massive bodies of water?

Was considering making a T6 chill hunting world - any advice, suggestions, tips or things to consider?

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Tall trees for easy grappling?

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One of mine is awesome for hunt terrain, sadly due to it being a small world the limit of 10 players is prohibitive of a “proper” hunt


Was thinking something along those lines. What’s a good tall trees biome?

Snowy redwoods
The other one with really wide trees and wide canopies cant remember the name. I think it is a tier 5.

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At some point I’m going to do another Burn experiment, and I’m going to go with biomes I know now to be pretty flat, as I know that is what ruby seems to spawn best under. So it might also make a good hunting world - EXCEPT for the fact Burn is a lava surface, so if there is a lot of lava it might not be good. But if I get lucky, when the time comes (this one might be a bit off) I’ll try to remember and post here if it looks good for this. :slight_smile:

Edit: Good biomes might be -

Gleam Spiral
Large Meteor Strike
Bushy Hills
Dome Field
Cube Field
Corrupt Trees
Giant Slice (flat, you might have to cut through the slices but they are thin)

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I like it! Was thinking I may check every flat biome on the list and hope for the best :joy:

Which planet type is best for hunting - particularly solo or small party? I’m guessing chill since diamond works well there and I heard toxic sucks because of the debuffs.

Thinking about hosting a mega large world and seeing how it goes.

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Hmm, not sure on the type, but can’t wait to see! :slight_smile: