T6 speed hammers for sale

Now that I have got pretty successful and consistent forging method without constant deconstruction sorted, I have made a few too many hammers and decided to sell them.

All based in my shop on arie Close to the hub. This can be reached by TNT, RTG shop on Lamblis or a dozen other ways

All hammers are 80+ speed (mainly 90 ot 95) and defect free - with one or two having the critical defect (makes no difference).

Prices starting at 7.5k up to 10k for the 100 speed ones I didn’t really want to sell lol.

There is also a 6k bargain bin for the few hammers that have more substantial defects such as dura or energy use +6


Are you making Topaz speed hammers? Diamond forged speed hammers still need a speed brew to hit Max speed level.

I can make topaz or sapphire, just most people use diamond…and they are a bit easier to make

Edit: wouldn’t topaz need a strength brew on T6? not sure if that’s right because I’m not logged in at the moment to check damage

Yes Topas needs strenght brew, perhaps you ll Share your Forge method ? Because you Said you do a Bit other than me.

Edit, but strenght brew are cheaper than fast brews .

Topas damage 8 Speed 8 with strengh brew for T6

Let me know if you need a demo, I’m on arie usually

Yes, Topaz require strength brews for T6, however I much prefer to use them over speed brews. Topaz has better durability and uses less energy… I usually need to use starberry pie with diamond hammers … i can use persisting pies with Topaz hammers without getting as annoyed.

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