🎉 Mysterious inscriptions on the Totem


Hey everyone, look what I found. :tada: :blush:
thx @lesley64 for help. Updated image and glyphs. The inscription is now decrypted. And it remains to find out what this secret is :joy:

"Das geheimnis des blumenkhols"
"The secret of cauliflower"

:oort_d: D
:oort_a: A
:oort_s: S
:oort_g: G
:oort_e: E
:oort_h: H
:oort_e: E
:oort_i: I
:oort_m: M
:oort_n: N
:oort_i: I
:oort_s: S
:oort_d: D
:oort_e: E
:oort_s: S
:oort_b: B
:oort_l: L
:oort_u: U
:oort_m: M
:oort_e: E
:oort_n: N
:oort_k: K
:oort_o: O
:oort_h: H
:oort_l: L
:oort_s: S

[details=Archive]I can’t translate this because I can’t see some of the symbols. Maybe there is someone among you who will understand what is missing there.
It looks like German. I do not understand what is written.




The Secret of The Cabbage Flowers?

It’s what I was able to achieve with the help of Google Translate.


Entirely perplexing thus far…


looks like this is it - DAS GEHEIMNIS DES BLUMENKOHLS
But I think that this is most likely - “The secret of cauliflower”
thanks for help, i will update it now.


But what is the secret?

[will have to buy some cauliflower in my local veg shop tomorrow morning and meditate the truth out of it]



nuclear bomb explosion


its broccoli that a vampyre has sucked the blood out of


vegan vampire that is


Vampyre, not vampire


Vampyre is only an older form and also chosen by modern blood-drinkers as they are trying to distance themselves from the pop-culture fictional characters usually known as vampires (or they are simply being pretentious).


I’m being pretentious


And also, vampires are fictional. Vampyres are spelled differently to denote that they are in fact real. Dunno how that means it, but if you feel like a vampire, you’re actually a vampyre cuz you exist


Originally word vampyre simply evolved to vampire (languages do change). The real/fictional is ideology applied post-mortem.


I think we’re getting a little out of topic here :wink:



cauliflower, totem, cauliflower, totem
secret of all secrets


I just love estereggs like that, especially when done in german <3
also i found this article… maybe someone can figure something out out of it xD



the link is broken


Vegan vampire: Count Broccula.


What do you think about founder’s totem? I can’t translate this :sweat_smile: