๐ŸŽ‰ Mysterious inscriptions on the Totem


I V M V . X K X. thats what it is but the meaning? unknown :confused:probably abbreviation?


Maybe itโ€™s a time date?


i found this so far :slight_smile:

Instituut voor Mentale Vitaliteit (IVMV)

or in roman numbers that would be 1 5 1000 5 but thats wrong order of writing it :confused: it can be also (IV = 4) + (M+V= 1005) = 1009 dunno :confused: it seems wrong order to me :confused:


or maybe its upside down hmm then it is something like this: LVL KDKO


Need to see an object, i can`t understand what is glowing glyphs means.
This is what i can see on the handle, known letters and โ€œ?โ€ - is unknown letters
N ? N S T ? R F Q ? H Z F O F L F ?

:oort_start: start
:oort_n: - N
:oort_a:A :oort_b:B :oort_c:C :oort_d:D :oort_e:E :oort_h:H :oort_i:I :oort_k:K :oort_m:M :oort_s:S :oort_t:T :oort_u:U :oort_v:V :oort_w:W :oort_z:Z
:oort_n: - N
:oort_s: - S

-----------------next side------------------------

:oort_t: - T
:oort_a:A :oort_b:B :oort_h:H :oort_k:K :oort_l:L :oort_m:M :oort_o:O :oort_p:P :oort_s:S :oort_t:T :oort_u:U :oort_v:V :oort_w:W
:oort_r: - R
:oort_f: - F
:oort_q: - Q

--------------next side----------------

:oort_f:F :oort_g:G :oort_j:J :oort_q:Q
:oort_h: - H
:oort_z: - Z
:oort_f: - F
:oort_o: - O

--------------next side----------------

:oort_f: - F
:oort_l: - L
:oort_f: - F
\-?-\ any letter :frowning:
:oort_stop: - stop


its random mambo jumbo :joy:

the spirits of the ancient Oortians are looking down on us and pissing themselves laughing: โ€œlook, they are trying to read this, haha, sure they canโ€™t know our Totem Master was drunk on dark blood and high on juicy starberries when he carved those and made it a template for allโ€


Too few vowels any way.