Take a penny, leave a penny

I am working on achievements. One of which is restock a request basket 100 times! Well, in all the game, I’ve never even set up a request basket. I usually farm my own stuff.
So, I set up a request basket at my store in DK Mall. E68/70 Myst Market. I set it up with copper at 1 c with a budget of 1 c. If you happen to be running by and have a piece of copper in your pocket, and are in the mood, toss in a copper. I’ll eventually get my 100 refills and check that achievement off my list :slight_smile:


The wording on this one is a little tricky, or it was for me. I seem to recall that I was able to get around actually selling items by just changing the price over and over again. I could be remembering a different objective or feat though, there are so many!