Taking damage from the floor/portal when sprinting with mega fast brew

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I was traveling from my base to Mkrib via the Sol Khalis portal network and took damage from 2 or 3 portals before noticing, and died. I submitted a game log.

The floors are perfectly flat and there is nothing to stub my toes on.

Edit: also I may have had my bouncy feet hammer equipped, however there was zero elevation change and I wasnt jumping

Bouncy feet just needs to be done away with… it’s such a broken quirk.

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Iirc you can take damage from running into walls with a mega fast + max agility. So if you ran into the portals before they rendered you probably took damage from that.

Yeah I bet it was velocity damage from the mega fast + bouncy feet and hitting an unloaded portal

Or they need to re-write this:
Cenrtaforge Quirk Oxymoron Ankles
Want to die every time you press space bar? Challenge existence with Oxymoron Ankles! When Holding Gear Forged with this Quirk your Citizen will have extremely elastic, yet brittle feet. Pressing space bar makes you bounce slightly upon landing before dying.


Yes you can, same thing would happen IRL. Don’t run full speed to walls please :smiley:

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Devs, can you please change it to this?

Out of interest, do you have a screenshot of the area where it happened?

I will head back to the death immediately, however I do not know which portals exactly damaged me. I can show/tell you the path tho!
(I am about ready for another SS of hammers and need to go to my home base anyways)

Here are all of the portals I used, I died on Galan - headed into Mkrib.
Bes to Cardass

Cardass to Shedu

Shedu to Galan

Galan to Mkrib - DEATH LOCATION

EDIT: I died / respawned on Galan if that is useful to you :smiley:

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I would vote for just removing all velocity damage from horizontal velocity. I understand it is more “realistic”, but it never makes a good game mechanic.

Running too fast for some reason and hit an unrendered portal, railing, etc? Dead.

Released your hookshot grappling hook a split second too early? Dead.

Vertical velocity damage makes sense because of fall damage and all of that, but not horizontal damage for a game.


Or change the fall damage skill to provide WAY more protection from all velocity damage.

As far as bouncy feet I’d have it completely negate fall damage but have the tool take durability damage equal to 1/10 of the velocity of the player. Falling tops out at 40, so if you jump off of a hunt platform your tool takes 4 durability damage and you go bouncing off into the distance.


I’m not seeing the same situation when I tried it on a portal setup I’ve created. Has it happened again since then?

I think you only need max agil, I was armor repelling all over my base. I’d probably have died a few times if it wasn’t for low hp and full armor repel