Tank build

Anyone got a good tank build along with weapon choice? I enna help aggro all the monsters during hunts so low level players don’t die as much. Thank you!!!


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-full spec
@ forged Rift Shield and sword max stats
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Soon TM - we don’t define soon, other than it’s not as soon as you would like it to be :wink:


actually i remember the release date being Soon-o-clock™ comes roughly between soonvember soonteenth and soonuary soonfth


updates usually landing on Soondays (starting @ soonleven AM and completed soon after in most cases)


To answer your question (even tough the answers so far are hilarious :joy:).
In my opinion there isn’t really a “tank” build available.

As for tanking it would require health benefits (skills) but as currently is there isn’t really a “difference” in high hp and low hp.
Sure there are “protections” but they negate only the dmg to a point.

And i am still convinced “dmg” received is % based. As i see the same chunk of my hp bar disappear as I receive dmg.

Whoopsie i fell again…

  • no hp skill: bye bye 20% hp
  • hp skills: bye bye 20%hp

That counts for the most dmg received (depending on how your hit and your protection skills/buffs)

in mine opinion to new players “don’t waist skill points on health” (only for forge character)

“When” shields arrive then we can start talking tanks as you will have something to protect your self then.

I did this a little while ago to make myself able to survive more easily in fights so I could revive others, but this doesn’t include the aggro aspect

  • 8 points in Vitality
  • 8 points in Control
  • 8 points in Agility
  • 8 points in Intelligence
  • 8 points in Zeal
  • 5 points in Attributes Bonus
  • 5 points in Grapple Mastery - makes it easier to keep up with the group and navigate to defeated citizens
  • 5 points in Health Epic (under Epic 1)
  • 5 points in Kinetic Armour
  • 5 points in Kinetic Resistance
  • 5 points in Impulse Armour
  • 5 points in Impulse Resistance
  • 5 points in Health Regeneration Epic (under Epic 2)
  • 5 points in Protection Epic (under Epic 3)
  • 5 points in Revive Timer Epic (under Epic 3)
  • 5 points in Revive Power Epic (under Epic 3) - this is more of a nice to have, it’s nice for the people you revive because it’s a better quality revive so they’ll appreciate it
  • 5 points into whatever atmosphere protection is needed for the planet where you go hunting (you’ll need to adjust this each time you go on a hunt if the atmosphere is different, which it usually is)

I can hunt T6 with this. T3&T4 - rarely getting damage. Can solo hunt too.


Update is coming very shortly, in fact if you blink you may miss it (using the Mya measure of time)


Health is one of the most important things… I have it on my toons (builders, crafters, ALL of them)so they don’t get one shot by random cuttle trunks. If you’re worried about fall damage, start running around with a grapple to prevent ity, or get the fall armor skill.

You have no luck on your build? You’re missing out on trophies/other loot for sure, possibly oort. Not sure if it effects the box but I’ve heard it does, but also road runners.

Get something fast; every time I spray my amethyst speed bow I get everything popping out of the portal (square cloud?) that I’m watching over. It’s actually pretty funny. I’m not running any agro talents/skills either.

I do have a plan for tanking, though - I’d recommend a fist offhand currently with the agro boon, or tough as nails 3 fist, combined with a shielding pie. Other than that agro seems to be whoever hits the mobs first/the most.

Thank you for all the replies and knowledge :slight_smile:

Thats your choice😉

The only character i have 8 vitality points on is my crafter as i need it to forge.
Al my other characters and skill builds have protection skills.

My hunter build when i did have full hp died as quick as my gathering build which had no hp investment. Even tested it out (way back when with two new skill pages exactly the same but one with no vitality skills) if I wasn’t making that up.

Also i am not worried about fall dmg. If my character dies it dies… and in my current build grapple won’t save me if and when i fall.

If im not quick enough ill die in the middle of a lava lake :wink:

But like i said thats my opinion.

Right now I have max points vitality, attribute, the max health skill, all resistances maxed and armor maxed.

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Im thinking about getting rage

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I suggest you try it out :wink: as it just one cleanse point to remove it if you don’t like it :wink:.

I understand your opinion, but the facts don’t really care about how you feel, unfortunatly. If you were dying just as fast with max health as you were with no extra health, something else was going on during your test. I’ve been on plenty of hunts lately where I haven’t died and have been constantly seeing people with low health/no armor skills dying repeatedly. If I stood still and let everything hit me I’m sure I’d die a bunch as well, but the whole idea of shooting and moving at the same time is what keeps us relatively safe in this game, the extra health is more of a safety net; also, lava does set damage and can be grappled out of, unlike a wildstock who can one shot you (if that’s what your tests referred to) but a cuttletrunk or spitter will not have the gravity/speed issues that go along with a wild stock, so the extra health will be much more valuable in those types of situations. Gravity scales/ uses % damage, so sure health is relative, but the normal incoming damage from explosions does not, thus higher life will give you more time to drink a brew and run/dodge. I’d be down to help you test again in a setting that makes sense; don’t stand next to a wall around wildstock, friend. You’ll insta die every time.

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First of all thanks for offering to help test it again. But im not going to anytime soon.
Simply because nothing has changed in the mechanics. And it was a pain to do in the first place (as it depends on how your hit).

That said you are actively moving around and avoiding dmg.
But as is, when i hunt im moving and avoiding dmg to. Rarely go down to and if i do so be it :wink:. Don’t care about the penalty. (Still not actively in vested in hp skills)

However as a tank,
Your expecting to take dmg, thus not avoiding dmg.
In any other game as a tank there are skills, ability’s and/or tools that help a tank doing just that.
In boundless our only way to negate dmg is to avoid dmg and using protection skills. (There are buff’s and consumables but thats the same for most games).

So seeing as is,
Hp should be the last skill to invest in especially as most dmg can be avoided.

Again im not saying your wrong :wink:.
Just saying as a tank in Boundless hp won’t save you.

Btw you do know that you can negate the bump of a wildstock by grappling.
As its the same dmg you will get when you hit the wall by un grappling to early.

This is my hunt build change it on the type of hunting it is (running/platform)

Currently i have revive active but when i do hunt and not plan on reviving to much those go to control agility and zeal.