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A challenge certainly, which some, but not all, will see as fun.


It is not a challenge, at all. Dying is not fun (I think in almost no game), spending resources is not fun, spending coins to come with the empty bag … it’s not fun. Maybe it’s that, after more than 2000 hours of play, I still have not understood the mechanics … although this is just an opinion, of course


You skipped the part where I said you can walk in lava without dying. Just gotta use a different kind of brew than you normally would. Go to the golden fist and they have a sign with the health stats and brew required to do it. Or ask @Tonezone


Thank you!


I was like spiderman using thous gliders( dont remeber da name) mined in midle of thous pillars an now have 300+ blinks, not much i guess for a begginer like me


I’ve got 4 and 3 deaths, congratulations …


Duo grapples , some stack of spare rock and basic torches, i dont know whats hard that you got there


At what altitude does one find blink?


I have found it all the way to mantle and the highest I’ve found it was about 34ish.

10-25 seems to be the sweet spot.

The current blink planet though is kind of a pain to find it.



Wow, what a great group of shots - that first one especially!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww thank you :kissing_heart:

I thought I was having a rendering issue with that first one lol…it was so extreme. I got it on video though…will upload it in a day or two with something else I’m recording :wink:


thx man for all the notifications much apreciated :+1:


It was from 1-16 attitude. Ofc i used atlas to seek very bright blue locations , contained atlest 5 seams which is 10 blinks, idk if every one gets 2 per seam. But it worked so i stick to it.