Tasks counting error

Hi all,

New to boundless, been following for years and purchased a while ago on steam.

I’ve started playing more and the tasks you get i.e. Dig a trench or collect rock blocks from mining rock, popped up. Killing wild stock word but I was doing the mining rock one and the counter reset ha;f way through now they are not adding up. Mining rock stays on 0/15 and trench is stuck on 0/10 no matter how many I mine.

Is this a bug or is anyone else having this issue or resolved it?
Many thanks

Same thing happened to me on the test server. Try taking them out of auto stack.

Thanks for the reply. This may sound dumb but how do I do that lol?

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into this.

The stack items are the items with the hash as seen below. Click on this icon to open a small window. You will see more items in there. Try dragging the items out of the window and to the inventory slots. Let us know what happens. Thanks

BTW, we are looking into fixing this issue for the next release.

Thanks a lot, that worked for me:)

2 other things if I may ask, is there a way to fast travel to your friends and is there a map?

At this point in time, there is no way to fast travel to your friends. However, this is what we want to do in the future. Also, there is no map currently except for the compass that you see in the mid upper part of the screen.

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I dont know what it does but I am pretty sure I need one of those cheat tools you have in your inventory!

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It’s just a single hit any-block breaker tool. You use the same tool in the world builder program as well.

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