[Tauruscan] --[Rift Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


The planet started with 6-7% goo resource, I think there may be some leftover



Still goo and other goo-dies left! :smiley:

One more scenery shot too.


Bunch of rift too. I just cleared where people didn’t and got over a mass craft worth in less than a hammer :rofl::rofl:


Still a lot of rift left here! Some places are a bit of a swiss cheese fest but I was able to find a good amount. If anyone needs their atlas filled just bring me along for the ride and I can fill it in for you :slight_smile:


Yeah, I figure I’m going to make another run for it this evening. :slight_smile: So many choices though on what to do, just with the exos - new exo has a LOT of goo!


I’m all about that goo! LOL! And that super cool seed that @Kralith found on Alsuhaina!


A bump - still plenty of rift here folks! :smiley: Don’t let all this disappear into nothingness in less than a day! :wink:


I’d love to claim some, but I ran out of hammers. :joy: