Taxi service question

I know there used to be a taxi service to take you to an exo … does that still exist ?
And if it does , where is it now ?

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“Taxis” are usually just players that are willing to open a portal for people who can’t afford to open one themselves

I am aware of that :slight_smile:

I am back from a break from the game and when I was playing a lot of players would taxi , there was even a meet up point … so I was informing if this stil exists

Hi! :slight_smile: There is the Exo Shuttle Guild, we still have a station on Tana VII at DK Mall (will put some location tokens up in a bit for the new Blink exo) but some of us breaking here and there, not as active as before. Although I haven’t been as active in the game lately and it is possible that trend might be more so for the foreseeable future, still will try to jump on to check out exos, make some coin to keep portals going, work on projects here and there, ect. - I offered one taxi this morning, I tend to ask folks to meet me at the TNT hub for the planet. (Sidenote: I remember though one of the T4s TNT places isn’t easy to get to a spot you can set down warp conduits from, going to have to work that out in case one of the special exos they’re dropping hints about next week links from there, since one pic showed what had to be a T4 Lush)

But best bet may be to ask in Community Chat if anybody is going soon - lot of folks seem willing to give rides. :smiley: If I see an ask and I’m free I’ll sometimes offer a taxi.