Tech Components/ Better metals


This is the compass, which is shown at the top of your screen. You can see the planet name at the top right (in this case, Lasaina)

The purple icons represent Portals. These portals will lead either to other parts of the planet, or new planets entirely, some of which contain the resources you desire

A bunch of portals together means you’ve likely found a hub leading to many planets.

Use these to get around.

In addition, you might find benefit to reading my new player guide, might help explain some game mechanics:


I’m on Alder too, if you happen by Elysian Fields, feel free to set up there if you want, I have a bunch of portals that should be helpful. For my place, go to around -164, 1900. Tell you what, if I get a chance tonight, I’ll put some plinths with freebies in the base of that large rainbow tower. I’ll put up signs saying they’re for Dingo, but I can’t guarantee someone won’t take it, but it is the best way I can think to do it. If I can’t tonight, and you still want the help, just let me know and I’ll do it next week sometime, I’ll be away for a bit after today. I’ll leave them for a few weeks if I do so no rush.

Edit again: Ok, got some stuff in there for you if you’d like it. :slight_smile: Some iron tools, tech components, iron ore, and food.

Lv 3 worlds and up, the monsters can be very tough and aggressive if you’re low level, for the first trips to those if just wanting to mine, may be best just burying yourself ASAP rather than travelling on the surface.


Back, and see the stuff is gone - if it wasn’t you, I can still get you some stuff at some point if you want it, can just trade somewhere. :slight_smile: I might keep the plinths and label it as cheap newbie goods for now, so some stuff is still there but not free so it isn’t tempting others to just take it, but affordable for any who need them.