Tech Improvements & Other Desires

For me I think it would be cool to have a lot of other machines, better variants of some existing machines, more multi block structures, and more. There are many things that would be cool, below are some ideas.

  1. A smeltery which is a higher tier variant of a furnace. It can be built above lava and uses lava as a heat source to smelt materials such as food or ore. It ideally would not consume the lava. However it could consume lava stored in tanks as part of the structure with more tanks allowing more storage of lava. Since its lava it would smelt stuff faster and if it consumes the lava in the process the duration the lava ticks for would be very long. Alternatively it might not use lava at all but can smelt multiple item types at the same time. Some are saying lava is too easy to get. I use compacted peat to fuel everything. Its essentially infinite and has many farms to get multiple SS with ease plus we got world regen bombs. I dont see how its effectively different.

  2. Tanks to store liquids. Every tank placed next to one another connects together expanding storage. Visually filling all connected blocks with liquid from the bottom to the top as storage is filled. Connected textures obviously.

  3. Advanced storage containers. I know apparently that redstone like mechanics are too much for the servers to handle in the past. However i think alternative methods could be made. For example maybe make chests that can vacuum up items dropped near by. Potentially allowing us to drop items into water having it travel to storage containers and then it gets sucked into a chest. Hoppers from minecraft would be what i really want ideally.

  4. Item transfer pipes or wire potentially allowing us to build filters and place them in the wires or pipes so only certain items can pass through them. Ideally we could connect these to 2 chests and items would be taken from 1 chest and moved to another.

  5. Allow us to compress materials multiple times to store items in less space. Like taking compressed stone and compressing it into double compressed stone and so on. Then we can break it down all the way to uncompressed versions later.

  6. Tree growing and breeding. Can be a great addition to farming. You can grow trees using saplings. You can use bees to polinate trees of different types for a chance to create new breeds or mutations to a breed of trees. Doing so can net you saplings that grow trees with special properties like greater yields of foliage, sap, bark and so on. It might allow you to create specific trees with certain color schemes and foliage color.

  7. Grinder. A machine that grinds ore into dust using spark. The dust can be smelted into 2 bars. Alternatively doesn’t require spark and you have to hold a button to keep it grinding. Primarily for early game.

  8. Water wheel. When built on flowing water it rotates generating spark and storing it in generators its connected to. Can upgrade to better material to work with flowing lava.

  9. Sawmill that cuts trunks into more timber. Same use as grinder.

  10. Repair Station to restore item durability using the bars, gems, wood, or stone used to make it. The time to repair an item is 24 hrs per 1000 durability along with twice the material type it is made of. Likewise the machine would use some spark. It could be a modified spray painter in appearance. Power coils can make the machine repair faster. As such repairing stuff has an upkeep that forgers can sell to make a continuous source of income once their tools sell. Likewise this increases value of tools and such. We can repair machines, tables, and coils, as such we should be able to repair tools.

  11. Chests that are perfectly square blocks in appearance with no seems, similar to Shulker boxes in Minecraft that rotate or expand when opened and can be spray painted into any color. Allows us to create minimalistic storage rooms with a sleek appearance.

  12. Laserz projected out of machines that are made of spark. Can power machines the lasers hit. Alternatively is a cool light source. Good idea for creative use and functionality. Can also create clear mirrors to redirect its path.

  13. Baubles or rings that can be centraforged to grant random skills with varying amounts with increased quantities or give an epic. Allowing you to use less points on certain skills and allocate them elsewhere. New skills would be added for players to pick ring crafting as a proffession allowing them to create better rings or baubles. No durability and is active when slotted into any slot on either hand. Can only have 1 on each hand. If its not a ring could be a necklace or amulet equipped in a special slot in inventory.

  14. More to come.

Ummm. How much have you played? Cause 8 is the Minter(chrysominter) and 12 is essentially the spark item that we already have.

Yeah so if i want to transfer spark from 1 generator to another i need to connect them with links i think. What if i want to transfer to a place really far away. Essentially impossible.

I dont use chrysominters i dont want to build one just to destroy junk i dont want. Especially since im sure it wastes spark to do so. I could care less about the coin potential.

Spark is actually an item now, so you can break the generators to retrieve spark (in multiples of 1000) and take them as far as you’d like.

Minters don’t use spark at all. It’s essentially a trash can, with the added bonus of getting some coin.


Slow day… figured I would reply to the rest as well :wink:

  1. I’m not sure this would be a good idea. This would make lava the best fuel for everything and seeing as it’s so easy to harvest, there’s literally no down side. It would make all the other fuels obsolete.

  2. I don’t understand the need for this. We don’t have anything in game that requires this type of functionality. Plus you can easily achieve this already with glass and placeable water.

  3. Maybe new types of storage containers aren’t needed here, but just the equivalent of the Minecraft hopper placed on top of storage containers?

  4. I like the idea of this. It could also be used for connecting to machines for continuous automated crafting.

  5. I’m honestly in two minds about this one. I think there would need to be some material cost in both the compression and decompression process, and I don’t think it should be able to be compressed more than once (also don’t know why Inception keeps popping into my head when thinking about this idea).

  6. Definitely would like to see more added to farming in future, growing trees especially. There would probably need to be some plot requirements in place before growing though, so you can only grow in your own plotted areas. I could also be a good way to get more of a certain colour of foliage that you want.

  7. Interesting idea. Not sure it’s required though as mass crafting of ores into their various later components yields more output anyway. This seems like a bit of overkill to me. I think drop rates for ores are pretty spot on at the moment, especially when you factor in the luck attribute and drop rates on higher tier planets.

  8. I like the idea, but this is the same as using lava as a furnace fuel. There’s no downside and makes all the other fuels pretty much obsolete.

  9. Same as #7 really.

  10. I’ve always been against repairing tools and weapons, especially if a player is easily able to do it themselves (even more so if repairing a forged tool and the person repairing didn’t forge the tool themselves in the first place). Having world smashing hammers never break just seems wrong in the current economy to me.


I think there would be ways to get gear repairing to game for example using rank system that gear has. Players could repair their items by combining same type of item and rank would need to be exceed with some amount (same amount or double…).
This repaired gear would add this repair value to its rank which would make gear repairing really expensive when continuing this pattern.

Something like this could make some demand to normal gear more. But it would also make forged gear little more expensive.

At this point, the trees in Boundless do not grow. They are built just like hills or lakes, that is why they regen like the rest of the environment. In order for this to work a new tree system would have to be created to add them like a crop. While I would like to be able to grow trees in order to place them in my builds. I think the best we might get is a blueprint system that might let us copy an existing tree. Probably alot less work for the developers.

  1. I think the idea of lava being ‘nearby’ for certain crafting recipes pretty cool (maybe just high end stuff) but if it was a fuel for everything, its just too easy to farm lava - making all other sources of fuel pointless.

  2. I don’t understand this one (just woke up tho, so that’s on me probably)

  3. I am behind this 100%, I have already done the item transport, just waiting on a ‘minecraft hopper’ like machine to be added :slight_smile:

  4. Again, 100% behind this too, I’d love more QoL Automation in the game :+1:

  5. Since we have gotten Storage Boxes (a huge upgrade from the storage cubes/shelves) I feel like the quantity of storage we have, is fine

  6. Extra content with farming will be welcomed with open arms, I can see Tree Growing being a pretty cool area to explore, would open up a bunch of building opportunities and shop ideas :+1:

  7. This just seems like an extra step being added to smelting for no reason, would just be easier to increase the yield from smelting to 2, which aint needed either imo.

  8. I actually think this is a cool idea (could be added as part of some sort of new ‘age’ of tech), but it would obviously have to gen spark at a very low rate. Or just straight up power a machine. I would love it for some builds to be functional for sure.

  9. I can see this being a cool addition if the item transportation would be added also. But apart from that, just having a ‘craft all’ button on the machines would solve the problem of mass trunks -> planks.

  10. I am firming against repairing tools, it would ruin the forging/tool market. You’d get a good hammer and then never have to buy a new one. I hate it in minecraft too, 3 diamonds to make a pickaxe then you never have to make a pickaxe again.

  11. Looking forward to it


I like this as a decorative block.
If it can get another purpose it could be great

I kind of like this and don’t like it at the same time.

Updated with more