Technologie advancement


So can we use Lava as fuel now? or will we be stuck in the Stone ages forever?
Steam engine an idea now that we can farm Lava and water?
Will we ever get any technologie advancement beeing superior to what we have now?
Any technological advancement planned @james?


I’m with you on this. I agree it’s time for a technological advancement soon. However, given what current tech we do have at our disposal… I’d aim a bit higher than steam engines.


Steam engines were the peak of human progress. Everything since has been part of the downhill slide.


I’m not sure how that ties into the Boundless universe, but thanks for sharing.


I want this for advancement! Let me have Armour!


Instead of this:


Steam engines make boundless possible!


I like the thought of steam power. Building a rail network would be cool. Especially if the train could go through portals!


Strictly speaking, lava fuel is still technically “stone age”


Well then the Question would be, does the GFX engine allow for moving parts?
Yes, we all know our in place machines have small moving GFX, that is not what i mean :slight_smile:


I imagine a multiblock structure that has two fluid inputs (coolant and heat) with outputs of heat and emissions/waste. This heat could be used in place of solid fuel for spark generators and furnaces. Either within a radius of the machine or plumbable to other machines. The emissions could be smoke/cloud around the machine that acts similar to the toxic environments but less drastic. Make it plumbable too or add in an expensive to craft catalytic converter to remove the effects.

I love the idea of multiple types of connectors such as Ender IO conduits (a mod for Minecraft) that can occupy the same space but don’t intermingle. There is already a link for spark. Links for heat, fluids, items, etc. could be added. Cables and pipes running around your base really add to the ambiance of industrial style builds, and if that isn’t your style they aren’t too terribly difficult to hide.


What About a geothermal powerstation then?
Pump water and Lava in it!

I would really like at least a Sketch of the future of Boundless, @james, as it might aswell determine if i stay or go now (yea song is stuck in my head now aswell :slight_smile:)
I dont want Concept art or anything concrete. Just, are we stuck in this time and age or will the Oortian empire Advance to a higher Technologie Level at all.