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What do goo kernals sell for? I have a bunch of warm violet ones from the last exo


When it is for sale seems to be pretty high - Gloviathosa Market is cheapest I see doing a little search, saw some colors there as low as 79c. But I’ve seen 220c and 249c too. I sell very cheap just as a community service, 20c (and even then will make good money on this one), but I have to think if you list it at 50-100c it will go pretty quick. There aren’t too many places I’ve seen when out shopping that actually do sell it.


Hello. Where’s your shop located please @bucfanpaka ?


Elysian Fields, Alder - easiest way is through TNT. :slight_smile: I just put out some a little bit ago, but I’m sticking it out piecemeal since people tend to buy it all and I want to spread it around and give as many as possible a chance. :wink: But I’ll put more out soon here if it disappears! I can also hide plinths if needed, I’ve got a few hidden plinths around I can put extra on next time I restock, then if needed I can post here where they are. Thanks!