Teik [Competition world]

My work in progress world for the competition:

It mostly consists of 1 biome but i have used another to make big lakes/small oceans:

First biome flat hills (Because the hills are flath nudge nudge)

And a close up:

And how the final world looks like by the time:

And a close up

I am not sure if I want to make more as quite like how it looks right now. What do you think? What could be better?


Also awesome caves are awesome:


Okay I’ll need that Worldfile too Those Caves would be awesome as Floating islands :smiley:

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Standard cave setting and this:


I am way to lazy to upload the world.

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Shortly after this my desktop computer decided to take a leave so my response time have increased a lot.

Awesome. Reminds me of The Ways from the Wheel of Time series.

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