Temporary benefit(s) for players during hiatus

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Since the game is supposedly in ‘hiatus’ until Baldur’s Gate 3 exits Early Access mid-2022ish(verification pending), why not give players an incentive to keep their beacons and such active, or some other boon to give more of an incentive for new and veteran players to keep playing during the content lull.

Perhaps something such as being able to keep an active 1x2 portal for an unlimited time, until the lull ends?

This is just thinking aloud, but I’d love to hear what ideas others may have.


Turn Gleambows on for one week every month.


Turn Holiday Events on so I can get candy canes


you need candytotems?

I want a full set of Oortmas Oortys

when i finally have time to log in i let ya know whats in stock in the event store
to helpz theres alot not on stands (raw mats for events):smiley: do have a full color set of gleambow statues
im gonna sell probably in 2023 when the fortnite kids think bound is next cool thing
james just need fix that bts/bieber colab lol

ow and @Ocfos is wright we need little love from james def

I have the full set of Gleambow ootys I really just want a full set of Oortmas Oortys. Oortmas in August please


Bad idea. It like gimme iddqd that i can finish this game.

Add a slingbow weapon to bg3 for us

Lol I’d jump in my seat if they sneak oortian graffiti into levels.


O my god that be funny like on one wall if boundless were to ever die in next year add boundless graffiti saying boundless forever in oortian letters

So this will be like a stimulus check.

Anything else you want?

Glad u put quotes to appease everyone on the hiatus part

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I am indeed here to try helping unity, instead of conflicts.

My wish for this thread, is to find a way to help player retention. The last thing the game needs, is a lull in developer activity. An incentive to play more, would be very helpful for the life of the game.

Being given a free single 6-month fuel for one beacon, or something for each character in the game, or gleam club for every player for that time?
That means the ones who have it right now, would be getting its benefit for an extra half a year for free, on top of what they have already.

I hope that’s at least something that would help.

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all my beacons have already expired so im using them to build a grand city on Beckon one day. When will be the day of my return? update, bug fixes, and a project im doing. Took a small hiatus from the project so im coming back!

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