Terra Nova ( [TNT] Lamblis T3) filler plot

Well Compactness has arrived and Terra Nova has survived. :wink:

As of now along the most of the main roads its still Free to claim.
There are however some plots claimed by TTC along the main roads to make them valid compact roads.
These beacons are called Filler plots.

If you want to claim in one of these locations let me know and ill remove them for you.

Same rule still applies especially now with compactness leave plot protection off **.
No other rules, build and claim how and what you like.

** I think this would apply for most city build now. If you decide to build in one you claim what you need and wish to have neighbors.

Main routes to get here are;

  • TNT Lamblis (main planetary portal)
  • Portal Seekers Lamblis (City portal)
  • Ultima Lamblis (personal)
  • Ultima Eresho ( Main hub Angel side)
  • DK’s Tree (top floor)
  • Tiggs tunnels (personal)

(Please note basics are build but not finished. At the moment of this post im still working on the hub area)