Terrain bug - Stuck in spot on Exo Ebra

I know this has been mentioned before. Here is another location example where you can get stuck in the landscape and need to go to the sanctum to escape. The game thinks you are perma-falling I guess. Not a huge deal, but if it is already in the bug database, this is another location you can check while the Exo is around.


I’ve been able to grapple away sometimes when that happens.

Yeah, I tried with no luck so figured it would be a good spot for one of the devs to go see what terrain causes this.


Are you falling into this cross-shaped block in the screenshot?

Yes, that is the spot

Pretty sure I fell into it from above while coming down hill if memory serves

Thanks for confirming, it’s been added to the bug database. Also:

Were you referring to this?

Actually was referring to

But the post you linked looks like the same problem as well. :+1:

Oh, that forum topic. I can see that I made a comment about the exoworld not being online any more at the time, although it’s hard to tell from the video whether it’s the same type of block.

Yeah, that was the first time I encountered it. It was the same as far as being stuck but I do not remember if it was that X pattern block like this time.