Testing 170 - Report issues here

It sounds like you have a similar issue to @RoyalHeavySmoker. Follow the advice given by @NL-Tim above.

Try changing your Chunk Download Rate and Chunk Cache Size options to see if it improves performance for you.

Already did that three weeks ago. It makes no difference what so ever. Also messed with cmd.exe in disabling autoconfig, etc. Changes nothing.

However, when pinging to boundless, I get 30-40ms but sometimes it shoots up to 500-600-700ms. And when it does that, the unstable connection happens (I think). It can’t be my internet since I’ve downloaded things at 80mb/s in the past no trouble. (My download is usually between 35-60)

I play wireless tho, 4 meters from the router with the 1st floor’s ground between it. Even so, I never experienced any annoying lag with any other game, except for Boundless.

I’m fine with it being like this now tho, but I do hope you guys get this fixed before you go 1.0

This is my first release so I’m not sure if these bugs have been reported before:

  1. After going through warp conduits, the warp sound effect continues to play at the original location despite the portal being consumed. Logging out and back in removes the sound.

  2. The “Warp to a Friend” objective won’t complete for me. The “Add a friend” and “Warp conduits placed” steps are green, but “set the location to your friend and travel through the warp” does not flag when I follow the instruction, thus the objective won’t complete.

  3. When I try to craft something when my inventory is full, it says “Can’t craft in Sanctum” instead of something more accurate like “Can’t craft, inventory is full.”

If you’re still getting issues when the next update comes out, feel free to post them in the link below:

So you warped somewhere and then returned to where the Warp Conduit was originally constructed?

We hope to have fixes for these in the next update.

Yes, I built a 2x1 warp conduit at Point A, traveled through to Point B, did whatever I went to do, then traveled back to Point A via a new warp - or hoofing it on foot in some cases - and the sound effect that the warps make when ready was still ambient noise at the original warp’s location (Point A). It’s persistent - so if I used another warp to get back to Point B, there would be the ambient noise at both Point A and Point B.

Basically, anytime I build and use a one-time use warp, the sound effects remain at the point of origin until I hard restart the game.

Oh! I just now realized there is a test server version and a release version - so I probably should’ve reported this on the release 169 thread. Sorry about that! Perhaps it is still relevant on 170 but I didn’t do anything but click launch game from the Steam launcher, which I’m guessing is version 169?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

Just gave the new testing server a test drive.

The mining progression isn’t feeling great. It’s not much different from usual on Epsilo. But 4 hits per copper ore on Vulpto with a diamond hammer: I really hope that you’re planning on rebalancing this before taking it to live. This will quite simply kill any farming on the ring worlds. If you want us all to play on the starter worlds there are better ways to do that :wink:

EDIT: The changes to connection handling are noticeable. It really is feeling much MUCH better. Went through a few portals without a single hickup - and the time or two the unstable connection screen did pop up did not feel nearly as invasive (without the focus switching).


A mining balance missed this update, but we’re hoping to release it to Testing tomorrow.

Good to hear.

We also have some new metrics coming that should help players debug networking issues.


Sweet! I’ll be sure to check it out :slight_smile:

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