Testing 171: Multiple Characters and Compass Update!


This thread is really helpful. There are some good points raised, and some good suggestions made.

I particularly like the idea of different levels of ores which produce different yields - that could really help our ability to balance resource distribution across the worlds. But there are other areas that need attention too (e.g. the dependencies between skills in early progression).

Balancing a game of this complexity always takes time and many iterations, so please bear with us, keep playing the game, keep feeding back, and together we’ll make sure that when we hit 1.0 we’ll have a slick, smooth and fun game for everyone.


Yeah we get it man good development takes time XD we are just glad u guys are taking in stuff and seeing what is a good suggestion and a bad one XD sorry if things get heated you just have a very good game and we are proud to be apart of the community.


Yep ^^ couldn’t agree more


That was just a general principle. Also user that uses high tier tools on beginner level does not see any benefit from them as it is now. You have to have maxed out tool mastery to see 1-2 hit for blocks. I don’t see how that would make less difference.


I haven’t been this passionate about a game in a long time - which leads to some over zealous discussions from me. The game is already brilliant - and it’s potential is just incredible :wink:


I can relate!


I have really enjoyed the game to this point, but I will have to agree with others that are not happy with the change in effort required to mine. In the past, I have mined on the ring worlds and some of the moons. I have been able to mine enough resources to make copper and iron tools and enough coal to process the necessary metals. Sometimes, I have found some gems or heavier metals. I am already spending several hours a day in mining just to get a limited supply of gems and precious metals. I am concerned that I will not be able to do the same with the change in effort required. It took a long time to finally acquire the skills and resources to make gold tools, so I can finally mine gems. I am not finding sufficient gold or gems to go through one of these tools every day. So I carry a gold hammer, but use the lesser tools to locate the gems and other hard resources. I have spent 231 hours in game since acquiring it on July 17. I did not have the advantage of stockpiling resources when they were easier to acquire and the cost to buy the resources (gems or gem tools) would deplete all my coin in a very short time. If I end up mining mainly on Solum or have to spend twice the time to get the same resources on another planet, then the game is going to get really dull for me.

I do understand that my strong reaction is due to the fact that I became used to the way things were and any change is disruptive. If I had started with things already this way, maybe I would have felt differently. Part of my desire to gather the resources from the non-home world is all of the builds I see from other people. Many of these builds are amazing and use a huge amount of resources from the moons and ring worlds. I wanted to be able to gather some of these resources for my own builds, like red rocks, gleam, and the different colors of growth. If it had been to as difficult as it is now to acquire sufficient resources to incorporate them into my build, I probably would have dropped the game. I know you can also buy items, but you can run out of cash very quickly of you have to buy a lot of resource.


To makes building slightly less painful for you, one thing you can currently do with regards to different colours of blocks, is to mass craft a combination of high tier world blocks with starter planet blocks.

Do this by placing a single high tier world block (i.e., 1x Vulpto Red Igneous Rock) in the first slot of the workbench and then place the remaining Igneous Rocks (obtained from a starter world) in the next slot. Your whole mass crafting will be completed in Vulpto Red. That should at least get you some way to building what you want until some more balance passes and extra features are in-game.


That is a good hint



I understand and agree with the most part that things should be harder on the harder planets but as some people have said it is affecting people’s game play and experience to the negative and that will be a turn off to the game in the future. I know the game is still in early development and a lot will likely change but I want to share my thoughts on the subject of gathering resources from the higher planets and these are just my personal thoughts as I’m thinking about things while playing the game. On the higher tier planets the resources should probably have different names. Cause in my mind an igneous rock is an igneous rock so if it takes me one hit to mine it on one planet then it should only take me one hit on a different planet. This is just how I think about things like that in a game. I love the thought of having different types of rocks and resources on the higher tier planets that give a little better/different reward for the extra effort needed to gather the resources on the harder planets. So maybe harder planets still have igneous rock and it takes same amount of effort as a starter planet but the harder planet also has “aged” or “weathered” igneous rock that might be a different shade or can crafted into some totally different types of blocks or can be crafted in half of the time of a regular igneous block as it’s already hardened over a normal igneous rock. I just used igneous rock as an example and that can be substituted for any of the types of resources.


i thought they fixed that awhile ago!?


Not to my knowledge - I used it last week to craft about 20 smart stacks worth of Metamorphic Stone into various colours :wink:


I also find it weird that the increased HP for blocks also carries over to blocks placed by a player. I think blocks placed by a player should be easier to remove to help encourage building. Another thing is that you can take a block from Solum and place it down in Vulpto and then that block will take you more effort to pick it back up then when you originally got it from Solum. So if possible would be nice to have the increased HP for the different planets included into the resources/blocks themself and not to the world.


So I decided to make a second combat character with the harder mobs to see if that helps. It’s completely insane how many you would need to kill to get a level. My new character with a copper slingbow takes quite a few shots to kill one to get a measly 15xp. Mining is dozens of times more efficient XP wise - what gives?

EDIT: Getting XP on my combat character after completing the easy objectives is such a big put-off that I’m going to park it and just level it with the daily bonuses for now. I also don’t feel like I can fight at all. Mobs on Therka take longer to kill with my copper slingbow than feels bearable (most are level 2 - why???)


that’s because they are trying to balance mining and fighting like they are the same thing…problem is they tried to nerf mining and “buff” fighting when what they should have done is BUFF fighters like a f***ton…and maybe now dim down the mobs or something…(btw IK IT’S IN ALPHA) so could people please stop using that arguement xD


Problem is, not everyone is a fighter or miner. If they buff or change fighting. They still won’t get the feeling of profession to miners. If they only change mining, fighting will feel as easy as before. And won’t need any investments in terms of skills.

If you want to be a complete miner and not focus about killing. You can bring a friend to guard you, or carry more consumables, make a wall to cover you or spend points in regeneration.

They never intended to make it one thing. They’re trying to make harder worlds, be harder and more different to starter worlds, than they previously were. Now it is surely a bad idea to go to a ring world unprepared, before, you could get away with it


yes because i’m pretty sure this “friend” want’s to just sit around waiting while i mine in caves -_-


I think when The Hunter makes an appearance, it’ll solve any waiting problem your “friend” has!

It’s not always about the game as it stands - it’s also sometimes about the bigger picture and how the game as it stands now, fits into that picture.


We can only provide feedback on what is in the game now and its current balance. If we ignore how it is now because we think it will change later we are not providing meaningful feedback - which will lead to a much worse game.


We’re talking about a “friend” standing around waiting whilst someone mines.

Plus I’ll agree to disagree with you there. You need to have a goal (bigger picture) to know whether it is going to be met.