Testing 177: Square and Bevel Chisels!


nah two hits with the square chisele has the same effect


Ohhhhhhh I am excited for this. I can’t wait to start building


I am never going to be able to remember what sort of chisel does what. This is modestly unfriendly to the middle-aged among us.


The chisel names describe their feature.

Likewise each inventory has a hover Tooltip and right-click Details panel. Lots of place to remind us what a tool can do.


I wouldn’t mind a visual representation on the tool of some sort too, though. Like, if the back end of the chisel was modeled to reflect the cut it made in the block? Wedge would remain unchanged, step would be boxy, bevel would be a beveled wedge for example.


Decorative blocks are chiselable!! :heart_eyes:


Sorry…“slope” vs “bevel” doesn’t really generate those mind pictures for me.


Im so hyped for this


After starting from scratch resource-wise on the testing server I finally could afford all chisels and test them out. So I made some basic things.


Anybody on testing want to sell me some gold?

Halfway through Michelangelo vs. Unicorn Cat but I’m about to break my last gold chisel and I don’t have the patience to go mine on testing…

Meanwhile, impressions of chisels after a weekend of whacking!

  • in general: omg having this ability is amazing! :heart_eyes:

  • the hardest part so far has been getting used to what kind of shapes exist. Or, rather, I’m still not used to them and consequently I often just hit the block to see what it does, and then just break & replace & rechisel it until it looks right. I dunno how feasible it is, but some kind of preview-the-shape-you’ll-get overlay – maybe one you can toggle with a hotkey – would save a lot of head-scratching on my part :wink:

  • Because of the above, I burn through a ton of chisels. I don’t think this will be such a problem on Live, where there are plenty of shops, but it’s annoying on Testing because I have to keep stopping to go mine more gold. Which is not nearly as exciting as whacking corners, bah!

  • the other thing that has been really annoying is that, because of the above, I end up breaking blocks a lot, but I’m usually standing at least a handful of blocks away in order to have a sense of what I’m doing. So the blocks fall and get caught on ledges or whatnot, but I’m not close enough to pick them up, and then they end up sitting there and getting in the way until I grapple all the way over to get them. Would be really nice to have an auto-vacuum-up-blocks skill or tool or something!

  • I’ve ended up using Iron + Gold (the beveled ones) almost exclusively. Part of that is just my lack of patience to go mine titanium, but also just seems to make sense. Plus they look cool.



Hey @james, will the gem chisel types on Testing be the same when chiseling goes live? I wanna start stocking up on gems…

For reference, in case anybody is wondering, these are the gem chisels as listed in the workbench menu:

  • Amethyst Square
  • Diamond Precise Bevel
  • Emerald Bevel
  • Ruby Slope
  • Sapphire Precise Square
  • Topaz Precise Slope


@olliepurkiss what is planned for the gem chisels in the next release?