Testing 187 - Report issues here

Sorry, its doing a full resource regeneration plus rebuilding the level of detail meshes.
On the upside there a bunch of fixes and tweaks to look forward to.


Thanks for the update. I’m not sure how this would occur, but I’ve added a note to the database anyway just for someone to check if there’s anything wrong here.

Its back up.


Two things I have noticed:

  1. The block health info isn’t functioning properly, stops going down after 1 hit into the green health bars
  2. The breaking block decals are under the resource decals (e.g iron or gold decals)
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The tip that pops up when you break an item (“Item Destroyed”) will actually change the name of the destroyed item when you swap items with the tip still up.

i.e. - “The Copper Swift Hammer you were using…” will change to “The Topaz Swift Hammer you were using…” if you swap to a topaz hammer in that hand, and it will continue changing to the name of whatever item you are holding while the tip remains up.

block health function just got fixed, yay!
2- the decals are still on top, but i kinda like it this way - after all, i want to get that ore and gems out of the rock, i don’t want to crack them too! (it’s an excuse, but maybe intended?)

PS, really like what the devs did with the stamina and health bars now, the slide is a minor touch but it looks so nice


As indicated, those are decals applied over the existing blocks, which are unaffected by the cracks. But as @Prome3us says, it could be argued that if you are mining for specific items like gold or silver ore for example, you probably don’t want to break the actual ore, but to merely mine around it.

Having said that, I’ll add a note to the database to see if this can be improved in any way.

A few players have mentioned this on the live game. It’s currently logged in the bug database.

Yeah, I just thought it was a bit strange that the cracks visibly went under. If they somehow went around, that could be better

A burning cuttle gave me scar, which is corrosive right?

Engine beams not rendering after a recipe is completed:

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Hot-swappingitems from the atlas, it’s possible to pollute smart stacks with items that shouldn’t be able to stack…

Occasionally, the XP notice appears below the items being picked up (should it stay at the top to be consistent?)

I think its just based chronologically, this happens in the live version too I think…
In my opinion it would look more consistent to have xp stay at the top though

It is… it does… and I thought so too… which was why I mentioned it :wink:

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The Scar status effect would temporarily reduce your maximum available health.

It’s a bit difficult to tell from the camera angle in the screenshot, but are your machines close enough to the Power Coils?

I take it you were assigning items from the hands to an expanded smart stack? As that’s how I did it, unless you had a different method?

I’ve added the bug to the database as well.

As mentioned, it’s the way it’s currently designed. I could pass your feedback along to the designers for consideration.

Definitely, they were connected before, and the machine still says it has power even though the beams aren’t rendered.

Luke cleared it up :grinning:

Another thing is that toxic debuffs are purple, as you can see in my post about poison times
Did this change, because scar is purple too. Are all debuffs purple now?

That screenshot is a little out of date. It should be a burn.

Ah, gotcha. But if it is a burn, shouldn’t the icon be red in the combat log thingy?