Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


Do I personally want it to just be all building? Probably not. But for the person that does (the one my comment was aimed at) they may have options in the future. The rented planets offer options that can let the person that wants a pure building experience have it and the person that wants angry mobs around every corner have that too. I think rented servers do help Boundless to be Boundless for more people.

You are correct a lot is in the eyes of the one playing the game. I think it is a lot, because I have to spend about 3-4 hours gathering, mining, and crafting for less than an hours worth of resources I can build with and the tools I need to build (assuming I am not using plain rock and timber). I would prefer a more even ratio, but I do understand many would not.


I think one of the issues is that if one does not enjoy the activity, whatever it is (such as gathering) each hour spent doing it feels a lot longer.

Let’s say, for example, that I were to hire you to build me a cool looking house to live in, and supply all the materials, and on top of that, pay the same 45k coins. Would that shift the balance more towards something that would be enjoyable to a player with your particular preferences?

Including the act of pure building into the economy in a more direct way, thru proper game systems instead of the more unofficial place that it currently has, might go a long way to mitigate some of that feeling of things being too skewed towards the other activities, I think.

Being able, for example, to sell ‘deeds’ to beacons in shop stands or hand trading, is the first idea that comes to mind (and then the transaction would take the plots from the new owner’s plot balance, and free those plots in the seller’s balance).


I agree

Yes it probably would.

I am not sure there would be enough demand for everyone that wants to build. I honestly believe that the game is going to require some “grind” in order to be able to build. To a point raised Boundless is not just a voxel building game. It has crafting, stores, mining and gathering.

Very few people are going to want some of the epic builds I have in mind. There are people that might want to help me build them, but probably not a lot interested in buying them. That does not bother me. I want to build to see what I can accomplish as much as the store owner wants to sell enough to generate x coin the crafter might want a perfect workroom and smart stacks of everything in storage. The game lets everyone have their own goals. It is when the game seems to favor goal over another that I get concerned.


What I was thinking was more like, including the building aspect as one of the things you could ‘grind’ at to fund your own personal projects, rather than, you know, selling your personal projects.

So, for example, a system for selling affordable, nice looking, but not epic in scale, houses so that the people that don’t enjoy the building aspect would have an option other than living in square mud huts. And then, putting those coins towards building your epic projects without having to gather / mine as much, if you don’t enjoy doing those things.

I think there’s a market there, largely untapped so far. I could be wrong, tho.

Edit: Forgot to address this point,

I don’t think there’s enough demand for any given activity. Not all shops will succeed, and certainly there aren’t enough request baskets to keep every gatherer in game flush with coin. But I think that a free market tends to sort itself out. One person wants to have a ‘oortian’ looking residence, another wants a small medieval castle, a third might prefer a modern-looking house. Different builders would have different styles.

The more talented builders would be more in demand, and thus their prices would rise, and they would thrive, but the more average builders would still have, hopefully, a market in the ‘affordable’ rather than ‘fashionable’ camp… at least that’s how I envision things, from an economy perspective.

Would it work in practice? It’s hard to tell without trying, but I think the game would be the richer for having something neat like that included in the trading system.

At the very least, an update with that focus would show some much needed love towards the ‘builder’ style players, since lately they’ve been rightfully feeling a bit left out.


I’d agree here. I don’t think that necessarily buying / selling them should be the aim though… if you’re planning a 2000plot build, and have shown that you can follow through; and have people interested in your idea (the floating palace build comes to mind here)…

I think building is a more basic aim than many of the other career paths. I dont mean “less advanced”, i mean more fundamental. It’s one of the cornerstones that brings communities together. The way i would love to see things going is this - you come up with a glorious build. A few peeps like it. You get a gatherer, a materials crafter and a builder interested. Soon it gains some popularity, a few more builders and gatherers show up.

Now you need tools - a smithy opens up a workshop. He takes extra mats from the gatherers & miners to provide tools to them and the builders. You get a cook to keep them all fed. Some random forger decides to come give your gatherers a buff on tools in exchange for forging mats… next thing you know your single build has an entire industry behind it. Maybe they all leave when the build is done; maybe someone opens up a hub and you get players in not even related to the build.

Granted thats an idealistic vision of a project; but that’s the kind of thing I’d be game for. I have a store sure, it’s the only fixed thing i really have. Doing mercenary like work on one build at a time would be awesome.

I know this still doesn’t PAY the builder, and having millions of plots to start off with is nigh impossible; which is why i support your frustration - but i feel it could do so much to have a great build/vision leading a community.


Unless the market has changed in the last eight hours or I’ve missed some shops, this price is somewhat out of date. I don’t think getting gems is 3x harder, or that adv. coils are worth current prices but I see 30-45k around the place per coil, not 15k.


I’ve been selling for 15k. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Rather, I’m going to start selling at 15k since at 11k the stands were emptied almost instantly.


Till Crossroads has them for 15k last I checked


Yeah, that’s probably going to be the price for my next few batches as well (and I’ll increase how much my gem basket pays accordingly).

Both the batches for 11k and this next batch were made entirely with gems bought after the patch, so I think it’s very possible that the inflated prices elsewhere are more due to speculation over the post-patch fear mongering than a matter of supply and demand, but I could, of course, be wrong.


Last night they were significantly more than that. But things change quickly. I think the panic will subside.


No I think you’re right there. Especially as buyers cleared out shop stands of gems where shopkeepers didn’t adjust - it would’ve made everything inflate short-term. I think about 15k is more of a fair price given time spent mining vs other activities (excluding edge cases like once-rare drops).


The patch had zero effect on my gem mining, so far, since I was always exclusively a hammer miner (I find the tink tink relaxing). But I don’t specifically mine for gems, I mine because I like mining (and only when I’m in the mood for mining, which is usually about once a week) and take whatever resources I get.

Definitely not enough gems to keep my own shop supplied with advanced coils tho, those are always made from gems dropped at my basket (and so I don’t always have every type of coil available, since some days people fill my basket with nothing but diamonds and so on).


New try, new data. 3x3 Emerald AOE hammer, I 3 hit blocks on Cardass.

2 hours: 43 Topaz, 21 sapphire, 50 titanium (and many many rocks lol).


You found bad place :confused: titanium hammer, normal, schedu tier, 2 earhyam stews or whatever it is, and few minutes without food buff, don’t have accurate time, I got 8 amethyst, 108 emeralds.

Anyway, having good gem yield depends really on place you mine mostly. If you have bad place, even 7m topaz bombs will give you bad yield. And one hot spot on atlas is not equal to the other from my experience. Not to mention that sapphires and topazes should be harder to find due to altitude range they are found in different hotspots, but for me, honestly, it’s the rubies that are most elusive, then emeralds, although those have more consistent altitude range.


That would be a change I’d live to see, plus it makes logical sense that it would be easier to swing for longer duration the more you’ve mastered it.


id rather have flying pigs, makes more sense to me

but i love that this game presents some challenges to me that are solved in a project that last days, not only minutes


Yeah my buddy also told me i’m probably not looking in the best spots. Maybe I don’t although the map says I do , but hammering feels a lot less consistent in yields then bombing to me. Less consistency = less fun ( need them seams once in a while to keep me going ). But I have the feeling that some of that might be due to resource spawn changes or something? Could that be the case? Because sometimes I go miles without any resources at all. Maybe if the seams were a little more consistent it would be more fun, I think it would.


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