Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


Let me just say this:

Feature Creep.

To the devs, @james

Be very careful about allowing 3m titanium bombs (which don’t require shimmering orbs), from being so powerful they make any future weapons useless.

With 7m bombs decimating entire mountains, and the speed at which people can use them, this leaves almost no room for content expansions in the game.

How are darkmatter, rift, or blink items goin’ to matter to anyone if they can already blow up entire mountains with existing tech?

Maybe move bomb aoe increases to an even higher tier, and make them cost more to make. I don’t know.

I just don’t want to see this game turn into Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game after 3 months of it releasin’… With such powerful weapons in the game already it leaves no room to add new, exciting content.

I may even consider a new type of item, dynamite as some have mentioned.

Anyway, don’t shoot yourselves in the foot by releasing end-game content that can’t be improved upon. Destroyin’ mountains is already pretty OP…

The most exciting things need to be hard to get, or there’s no motivation for hamster wheel players. It’s a balance.


If the coolest thing in the game, bomb mining, is achieveable by a level 15 player, what incentive do they have to keep playing the game? Maybe move bomb skills to have a level requirement of 35 or somethin’.


They actually removed the Thermal Sac requirement for crafting the Special Gum (which increases the chance of getting Magnetic and AOE on tools) so it’s now very easy to craft, costing only Gum Base and Viscous Blood. No power requirement, either, but I didn’t notice if that was a change or not. So people can add AOE effects as soon as they’re able to use a forge and make Boon Compound I’s.

This particular quality of life change went mostly unnoticed with all the over-reactions to the last patch.


In my post here I explain it. Strip mining would be more fun if we moved faster through mountains, at least for me, it’s less borin’ if i’m tunnelin’ through pretty fast.

So if progression is evened out, and hammers can more easily 1-shot T5 planets, I think a lot of mining grind would be alleviated, but also, CAVES. I like cave mining, but they aren’t regeneratin’ much anymore :frowning:


My question is not about alleviating grind. I am justifying grind. What will you do when you have all the resources you could ever want, when the gathering and crafting of those resources is the sole aim of the game right now?

They have to make the end difficult so you have a reason to keep going. If you finish it in a weekend, you move on. If John Doe finishes it in a weekend, he moves on. The game dies.

There has to be something to strive for. And you don’t seem to care to strive.


It’s unclear what percentage of the playerbase is hamster wheelers and which are those who mostly just want creative mode. Forums are just the vocal groups of people, not representin’ majorities always.


This is great to see many of the most recent controversial issues addressed. I’m especially glad that some of the changes were actually unintended or just UI glitches and I’m confident they’ll be fixed soon. As for bomb mining, I think the unbalanced situation had you between a rock and a hard place without a hammer so I can understand the drastic change.

Also, thank you very much devs for keeping us informed and consistently engaging even when us fans get a bit emotional about the work that’s being done. Keep up the good work!


I’m sorry I really am. I tried to take this new seriously, I really did. But this just makes me laugh too much.


I don’t understand your inability to answer a question. But ok man. Just trying to talk it out so the devs get an idea or two.


Yeah, because what developers really wants is thier game to not be fun.

C’mon dude…


Frankly, I’ve never found grind to be entertaining. Bomb mining both reduced grind and reduced hand cramps from the silly amount of time one ends up holding down the mouse button while hammer mining. I actually enjoyed bomb mining, as opposed to hammer mining. More revealed at a time. It was like a present, each time I found a decent amount of resources. Even felt like I have to do a decent amount of work to do it, since I often had to tunnel to a specific alt to do it. Hammer mining… reveals things rather slow and in a very narrow area even with aoe effects.
Frankly, I’m not a fan of RNG effects on items in the forge. Even when crafting with gums its expensive and risky. I’ve not been able to gather enough trophies to make boon solvents either, so theres that. I’d rather bring bomb mining back to what it was and buff hammer mining to match.
Gems and such aren’t actually the end game anyway, Darkmatter and the like will be. Since power coils are now a hard requirement to progress in crafting now, treating gems like they must be silly difficult to get for midlevel characters is IMO the wrong direction and will leave players who don’t have a massive resource pool to draw on very frustrated.


I’m laughing cause one of the other Devs, or might have been this one, admitted the reason why they complicated Recipies. Such as why Copper and Iron tools need Sackcloth and Glue, and Decorations now need Wax, is because the higher leveled people had an excess of materials they weren’t using, so forced those materials into basic crafting to use them up.

They FORCED people to grind new materials in old recipes, so materials wouldn’t go to waste. It contradicts what they say in that quote. That’s why it’s so funny.


Bro you read game forums like I read politics: paranoid as… heck.

They are not out to get you or to make you miserable. I had waxy earthyams and I had no idea what to do with them. The whole time I’ve been playing. They have made a market for them. They are useful.

Think outside yourself.


Forging uses rng? Oh…that’s terrible.


On the test server these are all ok.

I still have a gui glitch when switching tabs:



Have you traded coins yet?


You said, “Be very careful about allowing 3m titanium bombs (which don’t require shimmering orbs) and are way easier to make than Titanium bombs, from being so powerful they make any future weapons useless.” Do you mean 3m iron?


Iron is 2m.


Sigh, you proved my point. YOU collected them, but didn’t use them, sell them, or throw them away. You’ve been around for a while I bet, and have a lot of stuff, probably higher tier’d even right?

For YOU nothing changes. You already had the stuff from grinding other materials. It’s all extra stuff you randomly collected over the weeks.

But to a new, low end, or even mid tier person? They don’t have those things, they haven’t done enough to collect that extra drop by random chance. They might not even be someone that works with soil enough to collect that kinda drop. But now they HAVE to collect that stuff to use them.

This is why high end people and low end people constantly argue with each other. Cause when changes like this happen, higher end people already did all the grinding, so why the hell would they care if what little extra they got was now mandatory for something? They already have it.

Yet newer and lower ends have to do all this extra work, just cause the Devs felt an item wasn’t being used. They could have made a new food item, since it’s a consumable like cherries and raw meat, which are used for food. They could have removed it entirely. Instead they created a new resource for it to make, and forced that new resource onto an item that is already a pain for people to grind for, making it even worse, and crippling anyone that doesn’t go out collecting dirt and has a bunch of the stuff.

“It’s easy to get” isn’t an excuse to adding extra steps onto an already complicated process. Usually stuff like that gets people upset, not happy. Making something harder, instead of easier, is never a good thing, no matter the situation, unless it’s a puzzle. And even then you have to balance it into not being too hard nor too easy.


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