Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Sometimes when adding/removing block on the water surface will cause the surface of the water to dip down creating an unattractive look ( think slipped chisel effect).


Thos are QoL changes, I’ll agree… but I still hold my ground on my comment that almost half are QoL changes. Especially the bombs and combat category.


The problem with this argument is that bombs are a mechanic that has been held in high contention because of their overall effectiveness and purpose within the game world. When bomb mining was a thing, I could see that adding a secondary purpose would have been considered QoL, but the fact that they take away something (see the bomb nerf) just to give us a table and chair equivalent addition to bombs is more of a shallow platitude than it is an actual improvement. It’s literally taking two steps forward and three steps back.


Hi guys,

Just popping in to answer a couple of comments.

There will be more of these in the next update. Our cadence is currently planned to be something along the lines of Feature update > Bug fixes > feature update > Bug fixes. This should be every couple of weeks (subject to change).

(I believe this is with regards to bomb mining, feel free to correct me if not!). There was a lot of discussion about this at the studio after 199 released, we’ve done a lot of testing ourselves, read through everyones feedback here and looked through the game data, but we aren’t quite ready to make changes just yet. This isn’t to say we believe the balance is in a great place at the moment, it’s simply that we are evaluating everything and considering our options. We don’t want to make knee jerk reactions, which is why nothing has changed in this particular update :slight_smile:


It’s in our database, can’t get an ETA at the moment as it needs to be prioritised with everything else, but we agree it’s very annoying!

I appreciate some players may have thought a 200 patch was going to be something special, we would’ve loved to have done something super cool but we had a lot of things in the game to get sorted. We didn’t want to delay fixes just for the sake of a number, and while we could’ve added this as a 199.2 update, we felt not as many players would see the changes (as they are added to the original post).

I can confirm though, there is something pretty cool coming up in the next couple of weeks… more details to come soon.


It is high on the list, and we’ll get it in as soon as possible.


I haven’t come around to run Testing yet, but in this patch, feats was reviewed and I’m curious if these feats was considered (I can’t find them in the patch notes)


Let the specualtion begin!


Hurray! Any chance of recipe/resource supply tweaking in the near future?


Thank you for this!


they will add dragons, im sure! =D



Got any information about this or should I start wrapping my cheat-sheets in plastic for the long-run? :smiley:


I can see this going no where. You have your opinions, I have mine. Agree to disagree. Good day sir/madam.


He said cool. Not awesome!


Sasquatch playable character confirmed!


Great updates and thanks for answering questions! Exciting stuff!!


mail boxes, wall trophies, and the new cooking station.
(edit)… and ladders!


Great update, thanks.

May I request chiseling 1x2 portals to turn them?



yes we need this


This is already fixed in our development build and will be in the next Testing release.


Awesome, can’t wait!