Testing 202: F9 powered Testing!

This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Please report all issues discovered to new posts in the #support category.

The following release notes are not final and should not be considered complete or exhaustive.

Testing 202:


  • In order to increase the amount of pre-release testing we have now enabled the “Give Item” cheat menu on the Testing Steam branch. This can be accessed by pressing F9 and then typing the item you want to get.
  • This will make it less time consuming for players to exploring Testing updates and hopefully discover issues before they exposed to Live.
  • Remember Testing worlds are still going to be reset regularly so don’t build anything you would like to keep!
  • Added a “Cheat Skill Loaf” to the Testing Steam branch so players can level up quickly while testing new features. There is also a skill reset item to allow you to reset your skills.

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • To encourage the crafting of more Revive Augments, the Revive Augment no longer require Augment skill points to craft, removed the Power Requirement and increased the number created when crafting.
  • Added placement with rotation to beacon controls and campfires. They can also be rotated with a chisel now.
  • Improved inventory quick moves to try and keep smart stacks with matching items. It prioritises item types first and then item colours.
  • Inventory quick move now highlights the destination item slot. This should help early players to understand smart stacks and generally help players to know where items have moved to.
  • Chisels will now also ray-test against Lock blocks as well as an upcoming new block-type that like locks, can be placed on walls. This allows the chisel to rotate these blocks even when on walls so that they do not have to always be pointing up.
  • Add fast-paths for rotating blocks using a chisel (including the new behaviour on lock blocks) so that they rotate without waiting for a meshing delta. This fast path was originally only used for doors.

Creatures + Combat + Characters:

  • Added circle on a PS4 controller to detach the oldest grapple.
  • Added more warning before starvation status begins. Starvation bar now pulses purple when the player is close to starvation.
  • Increased the pulse speed for the icon over players heads when they are on very low health to make it more obvious.
  • Added creatures on compass as yellow when they target other players. This should make finding hidden creatures during a meteorite easier.
  • Added creatures on compass now show a brief pulse when they target you to make it clearer you are about to be attacked.


  • Added support for middle mouse button and the forward/back mouse buttons on some gaming mice to the controls in the settings screen.
  • Press tab to open chat options while chatting.
  • Close emote selection window during emotes so you can see the character animate.
  • Improved settings button colours to make left/right clearer.
  • Move some left-over debug-text that could pop-up in corner of screen on PC to the player-debug menu under Warnings. Failed to load and retried chunks the main one.
  • Updated the profanity filter to ignore a collection of false positives based on community generated content. Please report any other text that is or isn’t getting filtered incorrectly.
  • Added drop key to the GUI item prompts.
  • Add “Current Settlement” to the places menu to show information about the settlement you are stood in even if not tracked due to owning a beacon within it.
  • Don’t try to show settlement rank for a friend’s beacon you’ve added to your list which usually didn’t work correctly and would show “Outside Settlement” instead.

SFX + Music:

  • Weather SFX improvements and additions:
    • hail
    • snow
    • corrosive rain
    • freeze rain
    • toxic rain
  • Make the number of voices consistent for all platforms.


  • Added PlayStation 4 support for multiline text input. This enables multiline support for signs.
  • Optimise the PlayStation 4 chunk cache to greatly reduce CPU cost when the cache grows large.
  • Optimise meshing performance on PlayStation 4 by ~20%.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug where in rare cases player data could get reverted to a previous state.
  • Fixed icons over players heads not clamping to the top of the screen for dead players or players on low health.
  • Fix for creatures HUD info sometimes not showing during a meteorite.
  • Fix tool failed block damage audio not being positional.
  • Fix atmosphere audio not resetting on return to Sanctum.
  • Fix for help text on some screens overflowing its background.
  • Fix for top/bottom recipe flashing white for 1 frame when scrolling through the recipe list.
  • Fix for sometimes getting stuck on a screen (when switching filters) with no directional d-pad input highlighting a button.
  • Fix a graphical issue when placing and modifying machine pipes, which would lead to an individual pipe not being visible properly, and occasionally for the links between pipes to not display properly whilst building the pipes.
  • Fixed chat colours not working between users with different language settings.
  • Fixed a server crash when breaking a particular arrangement of locked (text-assigned) and non-locked modular signs of the same type and colour.
  • Fixed an issue causing the additional-text on signs for non-owners to not show correctly in most cases.
  • Fix to Flower placement giving infinite XP.
  • Resolved an issue where some cached data specific to a character was not cleared on character change that could occasionally lead to the warps out of the sanctum failing to open correctly requiring a client restart.
  • Fixed an issue in the chunk-cache writing entries whilst saturated.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the backend data management of Atlas/Planets-in-sky resources that could occur in areas with many atlases from different worlds visible whilst moving around quickly.
  • Fixed an issue in block-lighting where non-torch light sources had their radius reduced artificially, warning that this will subtly change the feel of builds that use large numbers of say gleam or lantern blocks as the radius of the blocks’ lighting will be slightly increased now, this also resolved an issue where very-low radius light sources may have not emitted light at all if mostly surrounded by complete blocks.
  • Fixes a bug where Gold Fist damage wasn’t showing on block hits and was incorrectly applying area damage type causing reduced damage to blocks
  • Fix slow chunk loading, especially on PlayStation 4, when also downloading many new chunks. This should improve the performance of opening portals.
  • Fixed an issue where Wear was missing from crafting recipes.
  • Fix for typing “I” in a report opening the inventory.
  • Fix for pressing TAB in some modal windows opening the character menu.

Testing 202.1:

Creatures + Combat + Characters:

  • The crosshair now shows when grapples are in range of their target. If you have 2 grapples it always shows the longer range grapple. When one grapple is attached it shows you the range of the other.
  • Bomb Augments have been added to the game, and come in three levels which require Augment skills to craft (in a similar fashion to Slingbow Augments).
    • Damage Bomb Bomb Augment
    • Critical Effect Bomb Augment
    • Projectile Speed Bomb Augment
    • Area of Effect Bomb Augment
  • Slingbow Augments have been increased to 125 shots (up from 20) to make them more viable as an option to increase hunter proficiency.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for “Illegal Protocol Message” error when holstering tools in some cases.
  • Fix for Gatherer Challenge 1 Objective not completing properly on the final step.


Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


Where’s my new bomb augments??! They were teased and now I must have them!!!

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Wow, this patch smooths over a lot of issues! Awesome

Also, highlighting this patch note:

:+1: glad to see these lighting tweaks


So excited! I can’t wait!!!:grin::sunglasses:

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Oh jeez I hope so. Spending 30min on average per play session kinda triggers me a bit


I dont know what these mean but they sound great!

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Cheat Skill Loaf is delicious



  • Pressing inspect other player (n) with no player around flickers to 3p view for a frame or two. It’s pretty jarring

Minor requests:

  • it’d be helpful if the debug UI honored HUD scaling (or the native UI scaling) - it’s tough on high dpi displays

  • Could we add default keyboard bindings for next/prev tab, and next/prev filter? (Makes it easier for sharing steam controller bindings). Suggestions:

    • Prev tab: [
    • Next tab: ]
    • Prev filter: -
    • Next filter: =

You do realise that it takes XP from your Live characters?? So don’t go crazy!!


Welp, I’ve got a massive debt to work off then :stuck_out_tongue: I hope the game handles level negative 5000 well


well im in debt for 500 lvls then xD

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XD the troll is real. Well played


Time to finally start testing and check out some things I haven’t been able to do on the live server.


inb4 a nerf gets ninja rolled into the patch at the last second to counter act all the positive changes

Hey @james How about fixing [Misleading description] Survival Tasks with "Escape to temperate world" this bug? It was reported, confirmed, and no sign of fixing :wink:

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You guys are quick lol.


The weather effects, will they harm the player? Like toxic rain etc.

I’m curious about that also.
Is it just SFX or will there be a debuff on the player as well?

Ok so this might sound strange, but any plans for a stormy wet planet? I’m talking, never sun, heavy rain that hampers visibility with thunder, maybe lightning streaks? Howling gales?
Proper rain, not a pitter patter.
I wouldn’t say no to the odd hurricane either that can pick you up!