Testing 202: F9 powered Testing!


I think it’s going to be specials. I’m expecting that or maybe totems. Highly in favor of specials. Then again, we won’t know until it’s actually here


What do you mean bt “specials”?


Blink, Rift, Dark Matter. In the Boundless universe, they are the parent elements, with the six gems and elements coming from them. They’ll apparently be found on level 7-8 planets once those show up.

Although I’m not sure why what James said in your quote would have anything to do with those.

I don’t know if elements are the correct term, but that’s what I’m using for now.


It’s not his quote I’m referring to, outside of “new block type”. I’ve had another dev imply that special tools will be implemented soon


Ah–I see. Could you link to where a dev implied that? I’m


excited for those and you might just make my day.




Okay so they’re definitely hinting toward being able to craft with it soon, and that could only mean specials. Upcoming though could mean anything, so we shall see.

Thanks, Tak. :slight_smile:


NP. Glad I was able to tease a bit. I don’t know what else it COULD be, but I certainly could be wrong.


Should now be fixed


Yup, those are in. We need to add them to the release notes!


Added @Jiivita’s release update video:


@james how often does test server gets reset? With every update? @Jiivita maybe you know?


Ashen Blue. It’s available in the Live Universe on Minorengle but only as Sedimentary Rock. (Need a Transform Chisel to turn it into Metamorphic.)

The Beta Homeworld color of Igneous is Oxide Violet available on Maryx and Antar VI.

The only Beta Homeworld rock color still missing and the one i need for my next project is Pale Sepia :sob:


Back when testing was a copy of the USE servers they would mostly recopy a current snapshot of live over to testing with each new testing version… however there were instances where they did not.

Now that they are not using copies of live who knows? As far as I can tell the current testing servers haven’t been reset since pre-launch… But it’s kind of hard to tell because everything has regenerated =(


Thanks Jiivita :slight_smile: I’m thinking about using it for planning builds, now that we have give block option.


I had similar ideas as well… Just keep in mind that it eventually will go poof :scream: , James specifically did warn of that in the patch notes :wink:


Yeah, I was thinking more of doing something over one day and than taking screenshots and whatnot, since we can have chisels and everything in an instant I think it’s the best option now, with caveat of not being able to save it except view screenshot/video. Very happy about that tbh


oh that sounds gnarly!
working so much to build something and in the end it’s just a test???

i’ll never have the strength required to build it again if i decide that test was a success…

if you’re color-shopping… Great tool…
if you’re just saving chisel durability…


hehe well it more has to do with my build style, basically start with an idea and than build up/tear down several times until I’m happy :smiley: Once finished design I wouldn’t mind replicating on live.


i start all my builds as a model on MagicaVoxel.

Yes, chiseling work and interiors are a bit of a pain working with that… but saves me alot of tearing down