Testing 202: F9 powered Testing!


Closest we have to that so far is Beckon… seems like it rains >90% of the time there. Not sure I would want another planet like, or worse than, that


The smart move is great, looks like it’s working as expected, but sometimes it doesn’t show the blue highlight.
Not sure but I think it fails when you move a single stack inside a smart stack.
Machines show the yellow bar now
And the current settlement is a good addition too.
Looks like a good patch, please take an special time to review all the changes and be sure you don’t “forget” anything. Please.


Who else is getting the feels when they see this?


any chance the Dev’s can list the NERFS sorry i mean Quality of life bug fixes this time so we know before the update rolls out. I’m expecting something like meat cooking easy was a bug so the new quality of life fix now requires a Titanium forge, compacted hard coal, hopper eye and silver alloy.


What is the shade of that blue metamorphic and where can it be found?


You sound like you’ve been eating some Bitter Beans. I’ll trade ya for some Sweet Beans I recently harvested.


Meme worthy retort! But it’s best to not feed the trolls!


I generally refrain, but I couldn’t hold myself back this time. Please forgive me, Papa Havok. <3


I know this should be reduntant to say, but please make sure you guys dont accidently add the cheating loaf / menu when porting it to the live build :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick move doesn’t seem to mark the destination in all cases

  • :white_check_mark: Adding to regular stack
  • :white_check_mark: Creating a new smart stack
  • :x: Adding to an already existing smart stack


Also, testing tools! Woohoo!


So I spent some time playing on the test server, and instead of testing out differrent forging methods the first thing I decided to do was to spawn a couple of each color of gleam possible in the game and made walls out of them. Also some decorative gems because why not? So here is the result of that:


Sounds like oregon


Not lately. Other than a few days a month ago, it’s been sunny and warm where I live. Too sunny for Fall. sigh Looks like another drought and fire year next summer :frowning:


Ok I think I have a fix for that. Should update it on Monday. Thanks!


Not being able to use my side mouse buttons was my biggest complaint. Hyped for 202.


Why is no one talking about this?

What could it be?


Freaking awesome.


This dose not pertain to this update but of the last two. Please stop adding to recipes we grind enough for some of them now if you guys want more items to be used make new items to require them. Thanks gripe over :expressionless:


He says in an update that adds nothing to recipes…