Testing 202: F9 powered Testing!


i start all my builds as a model on MagicaVoxel.

Yes, chiseling work and interiors are a bit of a pain working with that… but saves me alot of tearing down


Dave my hero!!!


That’s nice I suppose, but almost got excited that this was for all augments, including the slingshot ones!
You guys should take a look at those, I find them a waste of time as they currently are implemented and more durability and more crafted from the same amount of mats would also help there to make them used more!

The PS4 fixes, and especialy the O for release of the grapple, is making me really excited!


You are correct in their uselessness - but only for another day. Slingbow augments are getting buffed (I think just more shots / augment which is enough imo)


Updated OP with details of additional changes in the coming release.


OMG YES. I was quietly wanting these since I found out what Augments were :smiley:


Oh woah! those augments are going to change things a bit—I’m assuming they stack with forge effects? (I wonder what the max radius for a topaz bomb is now…)


I have a glitch to report.

I can’t remember the name of the flower that gives you the inky leaves, but they don’t show up when you put them on shelves. At least, not in cubes. I haven’t tested wooden shelves.

Sorry if this was in the notes and I glossed over it.

Ps4, seattle


What’s the behavior when dual wielding a ranged weapon (slingbow or bomb) and a grapple with longer range?

I think most of the time I would want to see only the weapon crosshair, but maybe the grapple for roadrunners :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there’s a UI solution to somehow show the range indicator separately for each hand/item? Like highlighting only the left or right half of the crosshair? (not a good solution but just an example)


Heya I think that you guys should take a look at the crit augments again - 20% crit damage is really wimpy compared to the other augments. Unless the augment does both crit chance and damage, but I really do not think that is the case?

Just think about it boon level wise. 40 action speed = a tier 8 speed boon. 20% crit damage = a tier 2 crit boon. The tuning on this is REALLY poor. Crit damage should be buffed to at least 60% to keep it in line


Next Testing release includes a balance pass of the mid-tier gear between Iron and Gem. It should be smooth and worthwhile progression and not a wall. Expect something on Testing soon.


Interesting… :man_scientist:


@james see this says 202.1 but it also says in the upcoming release - does this mean the Augment changes will be live in the update tomorrow? Thanks and sorry if its written clearly, v. tired :tired_face: <-- wanted to know so i can prep a vid extra early :slight_smile:


Are we going to get fist augments? or elemental/gem fists?


@Ovis they will be in the patch tomorrow


That would be dope :smiley:




This is great to hear!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now to change my crafter’s skillset accordingly :smiley:


Much interesting patch notes, I want to comment this one without going to test server at all. Could there be (in future) some kind of advanced reviving augment(s) that would have more charges than just one?
It is expensive to carry augments and totem in inventory for situations where reviving would be needed more often when those augments are one time use and take one slot from smart stack. Game already requires at least 5 skill points if player wants to do reviving often and current inventory with totem augments makes it less interesting.
Actually all augments take much space in inventory but weapon ones have nice charges and thanks much for upgrading those counts on upcoming patch!