Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


Three skill sets of course, but all you need for that is cubits.

You can question it all you want, but you only need 49 skill points to craft everything in the game.

64 to mass craft everything, 79 to do it efficiently. That’s starting at level 25, finishing at 40.

Edit: 34 skill points for forging, so you could do that on the same character at level 57


I didn’t question your math, that quote was not me even tho this is a reply to me!

Ok, gonna see if I can get there, my crafter is level 51 currently so 3 more and it would be possible according to you including forging abilities


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply the quote was from you but I don’t think you can multi-quote on these forums :smiley:


haha ok…

checked the location yet I gave you? :wink:


I missed one epic, it’s actually level 25 to craft everything, not 22. Level 57 to be able to do everything.

Set One: https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=HMEFN3DXQGKXEEENDZ6D
Set Two: https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=W2JRAU82NC7I6K7S8LSL
Set Three: https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=ZE4L39SKMKDMEL88NN7A

It would also be a good idea to take spanner mastery, dexterity and energy regen :smiley:

https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=SVHWUTZNAIH4YNYVU8T6 Because why not?


What are beacon maps? Does that mean out beacon will be on a atlas?


you can :smiley: . just highlight the text and a “quote” button will pop up :wink:

[edit] apologies Aenea, I quoted purely for demonstration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hah, that’s good to know :slight_smile: I could never find a button for it and that explains why