Testing 206: Body Paint!


Bring on the bomb hammer! :hammer::coffin::medal_sports:


But everyone knows that hammers don’t explode.


sure you should consider it but after carfaly considering it you should consider discarding that consideration.
regen bombs are a clever and uniq addition to boundless and it would be a shame to loose them.


@pofs a bomb theoretically could heal people, if they were advanced enough. Maybe the bombs explodes released trillions of nano machines, that enter the people airborn style through the disbursment of the bomb and instantly starts to work at repairing their bodies.


I mean, we all know that a food can’t magically stop you from breaking your tools, but that doesn’t mean we should get rid of persisting foods.


Not to mention carrying thousands of rocks and other items in our invisible backpacks


Plus, in the real world I can’t do an hour of physical labor and then know how to make a quantum computer. The skill system should get a new pass, too. Make it take at least 2000 hours to learn how to do something well.


Jeeze guys! He was making a joke. The problem that made us need to eat bombs in the first place was fixed! YAY!


Which if that was explained in the post, that’s fine. Instead he talks about running, making someone reading the notes thing the problem fixes exactly running and not energy drain as a whole. He then make “a joke,” which without the context of “we don’t need to eat bombs anymore” makes it looks like this was another half-thought-out balance fix being washed over with a stupid one liner. We then meme, because his “balance” posts are, for the most part, meme worthy.


Tell me when you hire someone who works on pve gameplay. I’ll be waiting for dungeons, mobs, raids. Ect.





Updated OP with details of fixes in Testing 206.2. Assuming no additional issues are discovered in this update it will be published to Live on Friday morning.

Scheduled Update - 23rd November, 09:30 UTC - Hotfix - COMPLETE
Scheduled Update - 21st November, 10:00 UTC - Body Paints are coming - COMPLETE