Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!

Other MMOs have this and it’s also a source of a lot complaints and opposes the idea that we can play the game the way we enjoy because if you do that for too long the diminishing returns creeps in and punishes you. The problem is also because the most devs stick the ceiling too low. If the diminishing returns allowed several hours a day of the same thing then it may be fine but usually I see it creep in less than hour and it just makes me want to log off instead of go do the things a enjoy less.


Yeah fair enough, as i said im sure many people have many different approaches. Im not one to be worried about progression as long as i have something to do. But i get other people move at different speeds.

Of course skill points need levels, but in my mind thats a good thing. I dont like games that are easy and give you everything instantly. So not being able to craft high end tools or visit the hardest worlds when youre starting out is a good way to do it in my opinion. Gives you something to aim for.

I guess my point was more that i dont think the levelling curve is that hard that not being able to grind rock will be a game breaker. Theres still plenty to do (in my experience), and i didnt find i was struggling for xp without grinding stone.

But thats why we have these convos. A thousand different points of view make the game better in the long run.

After the change in XP value we should all meet with our SS of crafting benches and toss them like graduation hats!!!

I think thats a good point. Even though i dont see it being the end of the world, i also dont see any great reasons to stop it if thats how someone would like to play.

Whats the problem that cutting xp is trying to solve?

I saw above there’s 11m+ xp being generated, but why is that a problem?

Is it just cause thats a big number? Is it just slowing progression to make the game last longer? Is it limiting cubits to help fund the game (i dont think thats horrible if its needed). Etc.

@james Maybe knowing what the issue with so much xp is could help to find an alternative, or validate the idea.

I didnt read 500 posts so sorry if thats already been said.


I just skimmed through a small part of this but uhhh im not really understanding how this is an exploit i mean turning rock into stone gives you xp. You have the pie of teaching. Whats wrong with making a bunch of stone while full on pie that you deserve cause youve done alot of hard work. Who wants to do more hard work on every single one of their alts!? No one because who has time or wants to put in the time for that. This game is amazing but in my opinion, to get the full experience of the game you have to put in a lot of time. Looks like ill have to just have to waste a reset token and change all my characters who arent fully leveled to miners and just mine to level up


edit: The exoplanet stuff was supposed to go to a different thread, sorry!!! I’ll leave it here so the response doesn’t look out of place :confused:

Just witnessed the death of an exoplanet, the atmosphere goes up from 16min time left as follows.

16 min +1 atmosphere
12 min +2 atmosphere
8 min +3 atmosphere
4 min +4 atmosphere

After the timer goes to 0 you get booted from the server and the portal doesn’t open anymore.


That’s a bit of an exaggeration, you had to press a button thousands of times and take time to collect the rocks and manage inventories and handle the resulting items etc.


Wow, that exo-planet mechanic is pretty cool.


I personally don’t see the stone xp as an exploit, it was put there by the devs and was simply a way that the game was set up, but the now realize that the stone is a bit op so in terms they are removing it. Idk how I’ma level up my alts on the time limits that I have… :neutral_face:


If someone is spawning into the game for the first time, asking how to level and people are advising them to “level until you get the mass craft epic and spam tables full of rock,” it looks bad for the game.

If they successfully use the mechanic past level 20, the players won’t have the opportunity to discover the benefits of the skills themselves and they lose out on trying multiple specs for free. They get to level 5 and then they’re level 40 from rock crafting without much of a clue on how the rest of the game works, and they are still lost on how to truly progress.

Then we’re back at square 1, example 1, coming up on one of the biggest progression hurdles in the current meta:
“How do I get machine coils? I have 8 points in vitality and 8 points in zeal with [insert bad spec here] and I’m ready to take on the world.”
“Oh, you have to go mine x y and z items. Respec to miner.” Already a costly mistake, using a free page respec.

I think having to learn too many things the hard way tends to leave players feeling more dissatisfied with a game very quickly, and the easy access to this cheese mechanic can catapult them into dangerous territory


Just want to chime in here again to explain a little more of how this upcoming stone nerf effects me.

First of all. I want to say that shortly after I realised how much I was going to be impacted by this as a solo, casual and legitimate player, I started using the “Exploit” to my advantage. I had never done it before but After realising what I was about to lose, I felt I needed a boost before it happened. I gained 2 levels and earned 600 cubits. I stopped! Why? Because I just didn’t feel right doing it.

With that out of the way, here’s where I am at the moment. First of all, for context and perspective, here’s what I’m working on…

This is PROJECT: R3DF1RE. I’m moving my entire build from Gellis and starting again. Each of those 4 small buildings you see is the start and the base of a Max High tower. There’ll be 8 of them in total. 4 on Each side of the river. Between those are going to be my new Shops and Workshop/Storage areas. Workshops and Storage on one riverside and Shops on the other. These builds will be at least 2 plots tall. The workshop and storage will be HUGE and will be situated on the side where I’ve yet to build the tower bases.

That’s the project. It’s going to need a TON of BRICKS. It’s going to need a TON of PLOTS. As a legitimate, solo player, who doesn’t even use teaching pies when crafting, I stand to lose a hell of a lot of the plots that I’ll be needing, due to the 0xp that I’ll be getting from the stones that I’ll need to make, while crafting the bricks. We’re talking tens of thousands of bricks here! That’s a hell of a lot of XP from that stone that’ll be lost. That’s a hell of a lot of plots that’ll be lost.

This project is going to be near impossible to complete within a reasonable amount of time now. I might have to scale back. Make the towers smaller. I shouldn’t have to do that. There’s other projects I want to eventually get to. I have plans for Greek style builds built into cliffs like they were ancient ruins. I have plans for Tomorrow Land style mega-structures. When will I ever get around to those builds if I’m losing out when merely crafting my bricks to use in said builds?

So, that’s a little more perspective from my point of view and how I’ll be effected by this.

I recommend/request that the nerf be postponed until an alternative method for earning plots can be implemented.


Seems that it did get buried enough that I didn’t notice this. I think the base idea is good, but the xp gains between activities need to be fixed as well. Based on my tests (XP Curves of different activities) even a 3x boost would bring some activities on par with the base xp gains of the top ones.

I’m also already starved for skillpoints especially when the T7 worlds hit :smiley:

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[sorry, haven’t been here in a couple days, lots of replies, long post warning heh.]

dude, same here exactly. I’m going to build limit and the build is already 576 plots with just the bottom floor installed (not even all of it actually, its only plotted and cleared) and that’s ignoring all the floating foliage plots and 5+ radius protection plots surrounding the build.
I need a LOT of plots. 13k not including landscaping and protection plots.

same here. I don’t like killing things. I only keep a fist to defend myself. and a grapple to get away preferably.
I do it for the loot not for the fun or the challenge. (since I can’t get xp that way anymore)

umm yeah this is the ONLY way it could work. ONE item each please! not 8 or more for a single craft. thank you.

no, thank you, please do. they need to know how much and how many people dislike this idea.

heh. this is what I’ve done. and this is why I am always so completely broke. but it goes deeper than that. I also can’t afford the 20k hammers to get the amount of gems I would need to make the coils… (I could go on but I don’t want to go too off-topic.)

xp for uncovering an entire planet is EXTREMELY low. going on one hunt is like uncovering 3000 planets. (if you’re the one doing the damage)

it doesn’t make sense for MOST of them when an inferior material (Titanium) performs better in a lot of areas! gems should be better than titanium in every way. and without changing Titanium. that 40/40/40 grapple is a good balance.

then please, give us A LOT MORE for doing them.
100 xp for circumnavigating an entire planet regardless of terrain/difficulty, is WAY too low. it should be like 5k for level 1 planets and like 25k for t6. scale the planet tiers around that and that would feel appropriate. but of course this is just one example.

omg TOTALLY!! share the wealth!! what is so bad about letting the players have what they want?! why choke and limit everything??

you’re not looking at all the cases though. if i had a portal, whether or not I go on vacation, I don’t want it to close because it costs extra shards to reopen it. sometimes that may be more than the cost of keeping it open for 2 weeks. either way, I am all about efficiency. if my portal closes for any reason other than i am done with it, I am wasting shards.

but the changes you made are doing the opposite…
since launch, the game has become less and less fun.

sorry but these conflict with each other. and I strongly disagree with both.

yeah, like transform chiselling



they actually said this?!? It definitely doesn’t show.
excellent post. I agree, this is very troubling.

totally! and some not at all! (like transform chiselling)

me too man.
me too.
so many builds would have been finished already then i could focus on helping others. but nope. gotta grind levels to get plots to claim one more layer of plots for my build. (one layer down, 23 to go.)

oh oh I was SOOO looking forward to this one too. it’s too bad. I may never see them. (depends on future updates… but mostly because of the cost of getting to them.)

I even have several accounts with backer bonuses and I still need way more plots.

me too.
if it wasn’t for my guild I probably would have deleted my beacon controls and made a forum post with coordinates. at least someone on my list has permissions so they can keep it fuelled if they want.

quoting at least some of your post because this is a REALLY GOOD IDEA!!

I think the reward should be leaving it in the game ;D
ok fine 1xp at least.

this is the biggest problem here, to me. every decision that has made the game less fun was done to appease or balance out these hardcore players and has always been detrimental to me, the casual player.

I think you mean diminishing :joy:
reminiscing is like remembering/discussing the good old days :wink:


That’s what I get for typing on an iPhone with autocorrect. You are correct, it was supposed to be diminishing.


no worries! I only say something if a typo means a different word. it can get confusing. I still get a chuckle though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, Ctrl, they did. It was in one of those Oortian 1-on-1 backer meetings. I am kind of friends with one of the Oortian backers and they mentioned it to me. Stuff like this makes me very worried about the future of this game.


They weren’t meant to be all implemented at once, nor do I advocate for them all. I was just listing things I’d thought & read from others. :slight_smile:


So how are we looking for a release to live on the 2nd?

Anyone got any inside scoop?

I would be very surprised. If they are making any changes at all then they have to go through the Sony review.

They worried about levelling to fast when it doesnt have an effect on other players. Worried about people getting to many plots, a person with a big enough wallet could do the same, by plots and block off a huge area and only be level 1. It makes no sense.


Guess I can finally take out the volume crafting epic out of my miner build