Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Probably have to find out in test or get clarification from the developers.


This is awesome!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@james I would give you a big hug if I could in person. :hugs: I hunt the boulders, mushrooms and such to sell in a shop and it is so dangerous for me on level 5 and 6 planets. I generally die at least once, usually two or three times due to the critters so I wonder if it is worth it at times, but enjoy the gathering. Do wish there were more of the glow caps and have never found a boulder ring, but can hope and wish for those another update.

Great on the teaching pies, that is great. Will make it worthwhile for me to make them now for personal usage.

Love the changes on the critters, that helps a lot in the dealing with them, not just for the middle level and those of us (like me) who can’t hit the side of a barn LOL and generally miss the critters (you can laugh, I do). But great for the new players who really suffer from the deaths.

Thank you several times for listening to us on the changes needed, I get so much fun out of this game but it can at the same time be frustrating in areas.




Thank you.


Great adjustments that take into account feedback. Teaching food changes increases their use as well as making them great for extended activites and not just stone grinding. Exploration changes are amazing and should allow a player to level to 50 just by exploring, which I think is great. Overall these changes effectively fix this update.


The Explorers and I thank you!!!

Thank you for listening. sorry our knee jerk reactions were so severe, but we can’t help it. we love this game!


ahh ok. this is probably how they should have worked anyway. (70k? sounds a bit low but will try it out and see how it feels.) Definitely the right idea though, I am definitely on board with these decisions.

well, still gonna be a B> trying to pay for travelling to these worlds, but at least the xp to explore them will be worth it.
Thank you Devs!


From what I hear it is 2kish to totem to an exo. That is not much considering how much you can sell the resources you find. The terrain will make exploring them a game unto itseld.


Don’t worry bud. I got you when it comes to hitting the new exo world.


I love how this worked out. Got the dumb 1 xp for rock to stone back. Severely reduced the effectiveness of all teaching foods to nearly non existent. See, compromise :stuck_out_tongue:! Anyone else have any great ideas to balance the game??


I am also MUCH happier right now.

As a sort of bonus that has come from this dialog the additional buffs to foraging/gathering XP as well as exploring are huge, and definitely help with the feeling that you are wasting your time performing these activities.

Maybe we can get things tunes so that they are commercially viable as a source of leaves and fragments again, too.


Thank you for listening with the stones! A compromise we can all agree to. All the other xp values seem really good and really looking forward to that, will definitely take the time to explore more!

However, one big yes yes came with one big no no. I strongly oppose the teaching pie change. 70k seems like such a low number. But for the economy, I am sure it’s gonna do wonders.

@james Reading other replies here, could you expand and thoroughly explain how the teaching food would work?


So if you are going to retrospectively give xp for regions already discovered, are you going to retrospectively remove xp for crafting rock to stone?

(ducks for cover!)



Boooo !! :speaking_head::smile:




Uh oh… I think you’re gonna have company…



My assumption is that anything that plots would carry over (paid cubits for) not ones that are earned by leveling. Also that any maybe “customized gear like Santa hat, etc” would be carried over.

Just curious… what if all existing players started at like level 10 or 20? Would that be ok?




The servers would probably burn out trying to recalculate and retroactively remove excess rock xp.



yep sure would