Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Great looking change log. Only real negative I see is having to compete with more players for that sweet surface resource xp. (Totally a good thing)

And are Oortstone tools not going to be a thing now?


Don’t think that would be the only thing to get burned out, Wonderstruck’s offices by a torch wielding mob of gamers comes to mind :open_mouth:


I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe some Cherry Tomatoes in the mail though. With instructions on how to throw them at themselves. I’d also include Tomato patch notes saying, “We were going to enclose regular tomatoes but they were considered OP. So we nerfed them down to Cherry Tomatoes for balance. Thank you for your understanding” :joy:


That’s Awsome!!! Thank you!!! Very excited now!!! As always appreciate you guys listen, and give feedback as well. Can never express the amount of appreciation for that aspect!!


I know I’m going to be alone or in the minority but this change I hate. Mass processing stone is already a really annoying activity but with 1 XP we are still forced to process all our rock, instead of putting the rock in storage (which would take 3 times less space). But now, this boring, stupid activity rewards only halve the reward… I don’t want to play 20 minutes with the stupid tables after mining for 45 minutes… but I can’t ignore the XP…

Please leave it at 2 or make it 0. I prefer 0.


Can this be updated to be always 2x but with scaling caps?

And have pie cap at 140k?

So that making the low level food will be more worth it. It is competing for buff space and the well fed no eating buff is pretty nice early on. Getting 10% or 20%exp doesn’t feel good for the cost…and how long you have to eat steaks at a lower level to keep that up.

Think about it. You are level 20 and make teaching porridge. You will get 10% more exp for 70k experience…that is a long time you need to keep that buff up to use it all. To get full use of the buff you can’t eat anything else that gives a buff that whole time.

Alternatively it could be:

Double EXP all food

Scaling caps.

Porridge 10k cap
Pudding 20k cap
Loaf 50k cap
Pie 140k cap (effectively granting you double exp for one level)

@james is that a possiblity?


Now just an XP Balance for decorating with Grass on beacons and my Gatherer Heart will spread love :wink:


you have fun with that one lol!


Yes indeed :wink:


I like the increased experience for region exploration, and gathering definitely needed it, and the teaching food change looks good too, I think. It will prevent getting millions of exp from one pie, and not feeling rushed to use it is good.

I didnt intend A reply to a person, just a general comment. Mistouched someting on my phone


Really good work! Can’t wait

Love this part


My crafter and forger will always have teaching food on now.


I’d be okay with starting at lvl 20. If I had went the route of alts I’d probably be okay with 0 but I went skill page direction.


That does sound like a good umprovement. At low levels it would take a long time to get the experience.

I can’t type today


Good to know… thanks. I’ve been trying to understand where the main issues are around a wipe to see if we could solve some of that and lower the overall resistance to one… But that is a different thread and discussion. So I will get back to focus on main thread topic here.


But you wouldn’t be wrong if you had replyed to me. A storage block of rock will be 10000 XP (9004/1850). Probably not worth it, especially with the pie change.

Anyway… I would prefer instant processing over 1 XP…


If we’re nixing this piece (iSad), will the crafting time be reduced at all since the xp was reduced?


70k with no duration makes them good for other playstyles such gathering ect. It still nets you 140k per pie that is pretty good. The only thing the pie change nerfs is rock xp. You can still build to get around this by putting just enough space between your xp stations to be able to re-pie as you go.


I am just gonna have a problem during mining. I now use 1 pie every 700k exp, now I gotta use 5 and I gotta keep track of it running out.


Not true tho, plenty of things I could be doing in 40 minutes that grants me more than 70k xp

OTOH plenty of times when I started chatting while in middle of pie, etc. Might even out in long run, not sure, hope I won’t really notice a huge difference over time