Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Just have to use more pies, this is a good thing as it increases their value. Alternatively I would like to see augs changed to a timed buff or have ALOT more than 20 shots xd


First: Love, love, love the latest announcement there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This really seems about perfect, best possible solution. And on the rocks, I never used it just for XP since I didn’t feel comfortable with it, but I freely admit that giving away my rocks from mining has been a great way to generate footfall. Now they’ll still be in demand. Was thinking I’d have to give away trunks now. :wink:

I’ve never used alts because I’m focusing on maxing out my main for the skill set trophy - and, please, no problem if this has changed now so don’t take me wrong here, but assuming now we’ll need to max out the five pages instead of the three to pop it? Once again, no problem, just gives me a higher goal to shoot for really.


Slingbow Augments have 125 shots now.


:heart_eyes: Ohemgee exploring is totally worth it now!!


:heart_eyes: :heart::heart::heart:

I love this change and will plan more pies in my future! Buh-bye timer stress!

Love, love, love these changes. :heart::heart::heart: So many great improvements. I saw soooo many things ppl within the community were asking about and suggesting in this. Great work team! Now go take a break! Y’all deserve it.


Upgrading gathering was the first thing I saw and it made me very happy! The whole teaching pie thing and xp I haven’t processed yet but I am sure people here will analyse it from every angle.

Hope you guys can have a relaxing weekend now.


Should we assume the need to visit each world in order to earn exploration XP for regions already discovered or will we log in post update and get a pile all at once?

Or am I missing something?


And to anyone concerned about the xp/pie ratio, as stated by someone earlier, just take more pies with you! This is the balance we needed.
At least now you can let the dog out when he’s doing the I-need-to-GO dance instead of making him wait until the pie expires. :wink:


I can just imagine your poor Dog right now. Sorry doggo but that’s hilarious! :rofl:


I just played for an hour on the test servers and I have to say, the teaching food changes kinda make me feel differently about the game…

I didn’t feel the need to load a bunch of tables and log off as quickly as possible at all!! :laughing:

I spent a bit of time running around, exploring, discovering regions and gathering a few surface resources and I was being rewarded for doing so, it felt good. It felt really good :clap:


That latest update is exactly what a few of us were hoping would happen. That’s a great meeting in the middle.

Pies adjusted for the better. I expect prices to go up a fair bit now. Consumption will go up a good notch. Exp good felt like such a chore before. This is a great change.


There was a series of new banners (prep for live release, looked like) so I expect it. Mining goes from 2xp per broken rock to 4xp with teaching pie on


So @james with the addition of 2 more skill pages will there be an update to the existing achievement Jack of all trades or even maybe a new one for completing all skill pages?


Regarding the exp change, the new method for those wanting to cling to this would be as follows. (Depending on what is the official word on the stone craft timer)

Create x amount of stone houses, queue up 70k exp worth of stone. Jump to next locale. Rinse repeat. Soon as timers are done, then you take 1 pie and consume prior to entry of each building.

Bit more time consumption as well as pie consumption and the exp yield is half what it was before but for those who so desperately want this as a primary leveling source for alts, this is a different way to deal with the change.

With mining exp though, may as well just take a slew of pies with you and chalk up the lower hammer durability with lack of persisting pies as a small loss for increased mining exp. I plan to go buck wild myself.

(Better buy those teaching pies now while they are so cheap)


That method should be dead now. Good riddance lol i can redo my power level room now and turn it into something useful or use the plots elsewhere


Should be but I know some folks have such a hard time letting go of things.


Do you guys and girls. Think max durability tools will also increase sense it seems most will be eating teaching pies instead on persisting pies?


2 new skill pages? More exp for gatherers and explorers? Teaching pie limit? Great job devs as usual.


Is this for collecting (get the rock/plant), breaking (get the resource) or both?


Nice, thanks for the info!


Why don’t you just use cheat loaf?