Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Would that really be testing the changes if he did that?

Gotta see what it’s like for new players still


Was going to say this as well. No point cheat loafing in this instance. Goes against the reasoning for them on live in the first place.


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Does ‘zeal’ skill affect this at all? (a loaded question, I think I know the answer but am genuinely curious to know if it will)


I still think stones should be 0xp and insta craft. Also I’ve sold more teaching pies than I’ve ever used and I don’t have a cooking skill page :joy:

But the 2 new skill pages will be filled the minute I launch after the patch. Hmmm seems like I’ve leveled quite a bit with use of neither of those things.


Ehh, to me that makes them less valuable…


I agree. I would think people would want to spend less on them since they do less now.


Just curious, was this to state that it is not changing, or was this a typo?


I dunno. Personally speaking, I’d be more inclined to buy and use them now that there’s no more timer. No rush to get things done etc. I’ve heard others say similar. That’s potentially more customers willing to buy them than previously. Based on this, I think either sales will go up or it’ll balance out.

I guess we’ll find out soon how it all works out. :slight_smile:


Ehmm, why would that change? Teaching pies always gave double xp while mining FOR 40 minutes, why would people who didn’t before now suddenly start taking them when they work for less than 40 minutes?


Sorry deleted it. According to update a pie now only gives so much xp. Is a persisting pie that makes it last longer better than a tool that can give you that max xp in half the time cuz speed or damage.


Cuz persisting pies give “double” durability and teaching pies now only give a certain amount of xp.


Pretty sure persisting pie will come out on top after this change.


Since these posts I’ve tried both mining and woodcutting with teaching pies. I didn’t finish either pie. And that’s without the extra requirements from the change.

Teaching Pie = More Experience

Persisting Pie = More Experience + More Loot (+ more time ‘playing’ after all…)

100% teaching pie is less useful now than before. I won’t use “the word”. This also means the coin cost of staying buffed will increase with the teaching pie.

IMO this is better than taking all of the stone experience that’s important to progression. It will affect fewer players and it’s less of a ‘negative change’.


This is nice! Good to know compromises are possible :slight_smile:


Sure, but what annoys me the most with this change is that not only did they ruin mass crafts (which is fine tbh, 1xp is more fair than 0 or 2) but due to pie getting nerfed, mining just became much more tedious than it was before. I never use persisting pies anymore since tools are so cheap, money doesn’t matter at all since you make much more back from mining and the economy is not healthy atm.

Good thing for pies is that they will go up in price (most likely) as you need much more pies for both mining and masscraft. Gonna need 5-6x more pies for mining, mass crafting exponentially more depending on amount of tables.

In all honesty, now that I think of it, why do they even nerf mass crafts? If the exp was so op due to pies lasting 45min, now with the pie nerf, it would still make it much less viable since you need many more pies. You need 1 pie like every 25 tables.


Oh I’m fully aware of the cheat loaf. The point I was trying to get across was that I didn’t feel rushed to get as much xp as I could as quickly as I could. There’s no longer any need to race against a timer or log off in an attempt to pause it.


I wonder, does the buff expire if you die?

@QuimbyBoundless Mining xp was/is miles ahead of other activities, sure it’s not as good for miners anymore, but now pies are viable for all activities. And if they wanted to keep crafting xp in any form, pies had to be changed.


It’s the same as any food buff, so it does expire if you die


Persisting pies didn’t change, teaching pies changed from giving double xp for 40 minutes to double xp for 70k xp which while mining you get pretty darn fast. There for you will need to eat more teaching pies after the change in 40 minutes to get the same effect as before.

Thus, why would people now suddenly prefer teaching pies over persisting ? If they preferred persisting before it seems to me they will still, especially since teaching ones are now less effective…