Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


I would rather have seen it re-branded and having another pie added to the game.

So instead it would be like this:

Have teaching pie but re-brand it as “Knowledge pie” or something. Keep it as it is, except change so that the buff runs out while you are offline. This allows mining to continue as normal - but prevents logging out with it.

Create a new pie, called “Learning Pie” or whatever. This pie would work like the changes have now become. This pie gives double exp up to 70k exp or whatever.

This way, we satisfy all parties except those that want to log out with old teaching pies. We get more pies (diversity) in the game and the game gets another material sink.


Are exoworlds smaller than regular worlds then?


The one I tried on testing was 35 regions.

@QuimbyBoundless The old teaching pie had problems with crafting xp, that’s what they’re trying to stop with the pie change. They won’t do the old style if you can queue up 20 hours worth of crafting stuff and get double xp for all of that with a 30min pie. Or set up a huge array (think a thousand refineries for example) of crafting tables/machines, craft on all of them, eat a pie and receive a lot more benefit from one pie than intended. The new pie just keeps all of them equal, so a pie is worth the same regardless of when, how and what you’re doing.


Or are the regions bigger


Which, once again, is a change they are doing without polling it. I have no problems with changes that are polled and clearly have a majority think it’s a problem.

“It’s their game and they can do whatever they want” - sure, but we are the customers. Poll changes that are subject for debate or game changing.


maybe it will go up in price. But I’m betting it stays the same or goes down. Because why would someone want to pay more for something that’s not as effective anymore. You need more of them so why would you want to pay more for them?


Simple economics. They product is really the same, same effect but only for a shorter time. This means, in order for people to keep doing what they have in the past, they need to use more in the same amount of time. This means, the demand will be higher. We still have the same amount of supply flow of material in the game, means demand has grown which will drive up the price. Peope have also mentioned that due to this, they can eat a pie whenever and always gain that passive exp, so more people will use pies. Masscraft is still viable, though not as powerful, but people miss for sure still masscraft their excess rock for the exp, and will for sure use pies - even at 1k each pie, 70k (1/3 of a level) is easily worth it. 3k coins for a level? Hell yeah.


I’m with Quimby on this. I think people are really missing the demand this will create long term. Exp food is now better balanced and works in a manner I thought it should have worked all a long.

I’ll never forget when I first started playing and 2 vets in the finata hub would go on and on about how many levels they jumped over night while not logged in but never wanted to say how they did it. Took a while at first but I figured it out and never could understand why that buff worked like that. It was too easy to abuse. It tools over 6 months to address, at the least.

This is a change teaching food needed for a long long time and it’s going to increase the value long term.


I’m about to facepalm myself into oblivion. Jus’ sayin’.

Like, for frack sake! Let go of your precious pies people! Y’all were exploiting the system (Not all - 'y’all is a figure of speech. Before y’all decide to SJW my a$$) Something had to be done about it. Pies got nerfed and it’s the lesser of the evils. So, it’s payback time! Time to pay back the exploited XP! There’s no more exploiting tables full of rock. Get over it and look forward to all the extra xp from exploration and gathering! Get your characters out of their workshops and let 'em have some fresh air for a change!

There’s a saying - “You can please some of the people some of the time. You can’t please all the people all of the time” (or something like that). We got a result that the majority are happy with and it’s way better than it could have turned out! Now can we please move on because it’s getting ridiculous and personally, I’m sick of hearing it and dealing with it at this stage! Sheesh!

/heatedRant :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

PS: I’m tired and extremely irritable. My apologies!.. Now get the frack off ma lawn! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup! At least region wise but we can safely assume that means size wise as well.


Source of this claim? From what I’ve seen, majority is fine by masscraft xp of rock being changed from 2 to 1, but yet to see anything regarding anything about pies getting changed.


If you look at the first lot of posts after, James posted the amended notes, you’ll see the townsfolk’s cries of joy. I see a mere handful of individuals bickering over the pie nerf.


Yeah been thinking about that too, demand could become higher which could drive prices up but on the other hand they are less effective so am sure quite a few people are less willing to keep paying the same let alone more but there could also be now more people wanting to try due to less time pressure and people with enough coin might simply buy more.

So it can go either way, will have to see how it goes!

Honestly tho I myself might start using them more often, even tho I already walked around with one active most of the time anyway at times I didn’t when I knew I would be doing things that would not.give much or any XP, like while building and then block changing.a bunch but could forget to take one when done afterwards, now it doesn’t matter if I keep eating them…


^^ This is the bright side everyone should be looking on.

I for one will be using them like I never used em before because I aint on a timer. Will I be crafting them? Probably not. I’ve enough to be doing in game these days. Therefore, I’ll be buying them! That’s one more potential customer to add to your lists. And I’m sure as hell that I aint the only one thinking the same way. :slight_smile:


I bought several hundred yesterday at the price of 300~. I fully anticipate them going back to 1.5k or there abouts and using them like candy.


But it is indeed that tho, a nerf, I didn’t use the rock stone method often, I used pies most of the time and will have to eat more to get same effect, which is a negative in my book.

At least by eating more of them I can get the exact same results as before so that IS good and is probably part of the reason people don’t feel as affected by it. Also lots of people didn’t use pies in same way as some of us did but did craft stones so more would be noticing that effect…


No reason not to have one up on my crafter at all times. He never leaves my base so if he dies i’ve got a bigger problem :thinking:

Now i can use a pie while i build. I often take long staring breaks as i build and the old pie timer would never work for my building style. Now i can just eat the pie with no fear of wasting it.

You can also use pies while gathering/exploring. Tbh i hated the rock>stone method but i did use it every now and then.


I know a good shop that’s soon gonna re-open at a new location :wink:

And before that happens I might be able to.hook you up! (after Wednesday tho, not home blabla)


I’ll feel the 50% hit on the stone, that’s for sure. But I’m willing to take that hit because it could have turned out a lot worse in my case.

But, I can compensate for that hit by eating some delicious pies that I don’t have to rush myself on. I’ll be buying those pies. So, it’s ching-ching, quids-in for whomever I buy them from. (Looking at you Aenea! Hope you’re putting my name on a batch whenever you get around to setting up shop again.) :wink:


Yes you’re not the only one! I previously didn’t use pies while doing normal activities, if I wasn’t mass-crafting a bunch of stuff I felt like the pie was wasted, so I didn’t use them. In the future I see myself buying them regularly, or heck maybe even crafting my own!