Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Interesting that this was added to 218 the night before 219 comes out. Hmm…


Wait. Wut?


Someone said the exo planets only have 35 regions so this is probably the slider controlling that


Are they finally going to add bioluminescent worlds


you got it all wrong - lucent worlds dont glow; you glow after spending time on it



It’s probably the blink planets, blink tools look really luminous.

Oh and I tested the new teaching pies, not sure if somebody else did already and with max zeal it seems to last a whole level (200k xp).



Hmm makes me want to play fallout now


just not fallout 76


Yea never played it looks to much like 4


Well got 100 of each environment protection pie crafting now only took about a month to get the mats :joy:



EDIT : still can’t create a waterfall in my garden (in the sky)?


Placeable liquids will come with the farming update.


And the farming should be next so hope it’s soon


Warp wraith first I suppose with or without some qol changes.

But, was kinda expecting the exo planet update today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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