Testing 220: Chrysominter!


@loadkill The thing that just kills me is how rock will probably drop to 0.01c in value and then we’re back to the same issue of someone just burning through a bunch of rock/stone just to get rid of it if they don’t want to try and sell it and have no plans to use Refined or Bricks.

Maybe Refined rocks will yield more minted coin but I really doubt that. Cause how many people are going to spend a bunch of time minting coin and repairing the machine and coils for 0.01c per rock/stone? I’d much rather just throw it on the ground and let it despawn instead of wasting my time with that or just gather colors that are going to sell for at least 1c or can be processed into Refined Rocks or Bricks that sell for better prices.

Cause I am not going to stockpile 100k rock/stone just to make 1000c. That’s stupid. It doesn’t solve the problem of rocks and stones not having an actual crafting material sink worth using.


I use plenty of bricks n marble but I can’t be bothered with making it myself :joy:. And I’ve never really had an success with selling rock. Tho maybe being able to price it under 1c will get it to sell.


I wouldn’t count on it. Without proper crafting material sinks for a base ingredient, it isn’t going to see a lot of demand. Trunks are worth more than rocks and stones because Trunks directly lead into finished end products that players will immediately want to either use or attempt to sell to another player. You don’t really have that with rocks and stones because you literately can grab a halfway decent AOE Hammer and hollow out underground of a mountain with little to no effort at all.


Don’t try to hide it, and don’t deny it! Everything is kept haha and organized!


I think the price of items will be so low that you’ll only want to mint something if you would otherwise just get rid of them or leave sat their in your storage (yams, meat, blood, rock, berries, flint). So it shouldn’t effect the economy much at all.

I don’t think people would farm or craft things to specifically mint it in hopes of making a profit worth their time.


I think you are correct and therefore this machine will not really put significant coin into the economy.


I think it might not affect economy all that much, it’s here to affect storage. That said, it is a way to gain coin all by yourself, uncapped and unlimited unlike all the other current faucets. But that doesn’t mean it’s efficient enough to break anything. I guess it’s hard to predict what will happen, especially without knowing the actual coin values yet, but it seems like a good addition.


I think this is the important part, there are infinite resources which can then be converted into an infinite amount of coin.

It may not be very efficient to specifically farm for items to put into it, but all the by-product gained that no-one buys, and has no real crafting use (I’m looking at you foliage) will have a use and no longer take up valuable storage space.


Indeed I expect it to be a trash sink. Bottomless trash can.


I would prefer to have a recycler that gives mats. Like from rocks/stones you would get flint. Rocksalt and opal than this kinda coin machine


Whats wrong with foliage ^^


I won’t be trashing much of anything until after the farming update comes out. I don’t want to find out I need a bunch of foliage or growth and not have it.

Stone on the other hand will be thrown in even if I don’t get coin for it.


I was just thinking the same. I think all my yellow refined rock will be safe to trash though lol


Lol all the serpenserendi rock that I have will finally have a home lololol


Then I don’t see the point in the devs putting time in making it and putting it in the game.

If I know I am not going to get much of anything from something, I just will throw it on the ground to be despawned cause it will take more time to get the very little coin out of it with the Coin Machine. Cause a miner isn’t going to carry around a dozen smart stacks of rock just to get barely 100c from it. Makes no sense.

So if it’s a trash sink like others are saying, why not just throw the stuff on the ground instead of wasting time using a machine that’s going to take up infinitely more time to use in getting a small amount of coin from?

This is what I’d prefer as well. Durability items would need to be full durability in order for them to be broken down. So this gives failed forge items a way to contribute towards better forged items on top of breaking down stuff you’ve over crafted or maybe even over bought. It could give back 25% of the materials used or even half. Kind of hard to abuse that even if you have trillions of coin since you’d burn through your coin rather quickly on expensive items to get a small amount of resources back.


Update OP with details of Testing 220.1, which will be published shortly.


With the Chrysominter, we’re gonna make a mint.
Right? Right?

Oh alright, I’m leaving.


Total agreement, I can not see a level 20 or a bit higher, to level 25 being able to afford to make the machined copper, the alloyed gold. Gold is hard to get for low level players and the cost of making gold alloy may be one copper and one gold but gold goes for 50 to 90 coins for ore and higher for bars.

Spark may be hard for some to make also and will need coal which for some may be hard to get, others no problem. Not all players are able to dash off to a level 3 planet with ease when at level 20-25. I was at level 40 before I could handle it alone to just dash to a area to mine, and now at 50+ to handle doing a level 1 meteorites alone.

I know that I am a rarity but I doubt that I am alone in limited abilities in being able to handle the critters.

And I have seen the rift and other rare blocks as high as 1k coin for just one block. How many low level and mid level players will have the coins to buy the blocks to make the coils or afford to buy finished coils at the high price players will be asking for them, 5k, 7k, 10k 15k or maybe higher?

Again I see something that should be made available for the low level players being geared mainly for the mid to high level players.


If it was to give flint I definitely don’t want it, flint is something that I toss I get so much from being out. And rock salt is easy for miners to get and they can’t even give it away. So to get the items that are being tossed Not be a gain to many players.

I’m all for giving some type of mat that is worth getting, but it has to be something that would be of value. The waxy foliage to give wax for example, that would be of value. I’d like to have wax to make decorative blocks of stone and wood.
I’m sure others can come up with items they see as worth getting from not tossing what is taking room. For me, tossing the rocks will be better than lugging them home as I don’t mine for rocks but ores, coal and fragments and also collect boulders to sell while I am out.


The point was i would prefer have some mats than coin.

Theres always gonna be downs and up with these kinda systems.