Testing 220: Chrysominter!


What dirt? As a builder you should respect your soils lol


You don’t have to use the coils, they just give you a 5% increase in coin each, to a max of 40% additional coin gained.


By your description it sounds like I must use coils. There is no other option.


yea im unsure of the logic of it the coils are harder to make then the guild coils considering there is only a varly limted about of the new ores to mine at any given time and you got a 3K coin gate befor you can even get on the world to mine the dang ore


The mats are already posted. It is super easy to craft.


You could just get the normal amount of coin? That’s still coin you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

If you say don’t include the coils, you’d also only get the 100c. So self-dev the coils out of your game, right? Or maybe I misunderstand what you mean.


You are correct!!! I couldn’t opt out of coil-needing-trashcan-coin-generator and get normal coin, and yes! In the whole scheme of things that coin would not exist to begin with. But I ask you good sir, why does the coil-needing-trashcan-coin-generator need to exist at all and give coin? And why is there restrictions of the asthenic nature making me need(not WANT) but NEED the extra 40% coin buff you get by choosing coin over the looks.

So yes, I could settle with standard coin, or forget about asthenics and make another spot for this oversized trashcan. I guess either way I am losing out on a new feature. But I ask you this… Why does it have to give a Percentage bonus because of the blocks I place next to it? Is the output not based on in-game market prices or something thing like that. I think I made my point… or a point… or statement. Or perhaps I’ll put this barrel next to my door and hide the real one in the basement next to my redhead stepchild(i don’t actually have a basement).

I just want to say this is a cool feature, I’ll be happy with whatever it decided. Those are my 2 cents.


Arguing whether or not it should exist is a different discussion, I was merely responding to why you NEED coils, to which the answer is you don’t. You can just get the normal 100% rated value for you blocks. The increase up to 40% is an insane increase overall and that’s why the coils are so expensive to make.

If you’re arguing about the very concept of power coils themselves, and how they make a machine take up considerably more spaces, then that too is a different discussion. But the current structure for machines in this game is that power coils make them work better in some way. This machine is no different, and I, for one, will enjoy whatever increase I can manage to get from them!


Clay and peat have earned the respect of using thier name.

Useless silty is “dirt” until it earns it’s keep.


Obviously you need more glass in your builds, or to make your own forging ingredients. Plus you can type change soil. Compact silt for the win when you are short compact clay.


I mean obviously you don’t need coils to run the machine, but you do to take full advantage. That’s where my personal need comes from. Looking at the recipe looks daunting but honestly is not that bad given enough time to collect.

I am not arguing the space current machines or the concept of power coils, I understand it and embrace it. However this is a new machine, is in testing for feedback. My personal feedback being this is a different machine unlike any we seen before is to remove power coil restrictions because of the size they take I don’t disagree or am against of the buff it offers I just suggest that is not done through power coils for the very size restrictions they pose. Instead I would argue that different recipe like in tiers would be best.
furnaces stone ->iron->titanium

Stone->Iron ->titanium- standard gems->exo gems chrysominter.

Tiers would behave the same way as additing coils but instead as being a machine like a workbench it would resemble a furnace in the way in behaves to provide the buff. Creating better versions instead of packing more coils on it. :wink:


I like the coils :slight_smile: they look like gold alloy to me!


Makes sense! Tiered coin machines would be cool!


It was hinted on a post that growth may be used in farming. I don’t remember where that was but a dev hinted at it.


The more I think of it, the more I think tiered Chrysominters make more sense. You can just start to incorporate the exo mats as you upgrade them to control for the increases in price. Maybe even involve a lower tier Chrysominter in the recipe so it’s more of an upgrade.


Never thought of that


I think a lower tier Chryso would be nice.
Iron= 75%
Exo gem=140%

Something along those lines would be welcome. Bigger buffs, easier to get at the start and my favorite part… No coils to deal with so this can literally fit anywhere. And doesn’t this UI even look like a furnace UI?? Maybe slightly


same here do i stick it in the machine
our build a massive storage room display it all and keep unused
:thinking: i probably build that room use machine as wastebin for stuff not worthy off organizing :joy:


Still would be cool to hear on this.


@Buugi Exploring is my favorite thing to do in this game… I haven’t had time for it in so long… I think I need a vacation day, in Boundless! :joy: