Testing 222: Buff Bombs not awarding EXP when used on players in combat


So the Buff Bombs are not awarding EXP when used on players in combat… i guess it’s not a huge deal but it diminishes the viability of the support roll if a whole category of actions go unrewarded =/

Test one: i buffed a player and he defeated a creature = no exp for the buffer (I didn’t expect this work as healing bombs wouldn’t give exp in this case ether)

Test two: the attacking player shot a creature a couple of times and then i buffed him = no exp for the buffer when the creature was defeated by the attacker (in this cases healing bombs would have provided exp but the buff bombs are not)

since exp is, from my understanding, based off of threat… I’m guessing that buffing players generates no threat at the moment… but just a guess =)


Right now XP is rewarded based on Damage. We run a few complicated calculations around Damage taken by an enemy (tanking), damage Healed (even more complicated still this is based off damage healed originating from the enemy), and the damage dealt to an enemy so that everyone has XP rewarded based on how much effect on damage values changed during a fight on both parties. This also encourages players to build skills around developing in these 3 areas.
Buff bombs are a great new inclusion into our combat, but our current view is that buff bombs enhance a player, in the same way as Brews, Augments and Forging does.
This isn’t to say in the future we might look at group XP again, or even new areas like how guilds hunt together, but for now it is based around the movement of damage in a fight.


Thanks for the explanation! Clearly I had a flawed understanding on how Healing exp worked… Tanking too for that matter :thinking: interesting concept of rewarding a tank for taking damage… when a good tank (at least one that is kind to their healer) would avoid damage when possible. Might make for a fun experiment to purposefully take damage to get exp… Well, but i guess it would have no effect solo… and in order to do that in groups you would need threat on most things… which would mean doing a lot damage… so moot point i guess :rofl:


Not necessarily. You could have threat from your skillpage and purposefully having aggravated attacks on too.


Should mention, it does take into account damage mitigated while tanking too, not just damage that actually effected health


Hmm wouldn’t a good tank be taking the most damage? He takes more damage so the dps people don’t have to worry as much. And really it would mean if the team was working together really well they would go towards the tank when they need a heal so the healer can focus on the guy taking the most damage. But maybe I’m just thinking about this in the traditional mmo game play.


yeah, if damage has to be taken then it should be by the tank… i was wondering if deliberately standing still to take as much damage as possible would be an, interesting yet absurd, way for getting lots of exp. To me, a good tank would be doing everything in his/hers power to dodge attacks while holding threat on as many targets as possible, but avoiding damage would hurt their exp gains =/

however with the current threat system and how quickly most creatures can be killed… this isn’t a very realistic method… to say nothing of the healing item costs that would be involved O.o Now if we still had the old threat system from EA… :thinking:


So, using the bombs with buff on them doesn’t reward exp. Does that mean the player that has been buffed could potentially gain more exp? By being able to take or deal more damage whilst buffed?


That would stand to reason given the info above =)